Destiny 2 and Among Us Combo Available

Destiny 2 and Among Us Combo Available: To celebrate the release of Lightfall, Bungie has released the Among Us and Destiny 2 crossover that had been promised earlier. For those who are ready to put in the time and effort, the collaboration adds a number of Destiny 2-themed enhancements to the game.

For 3,500 Beans, you can buy the Guardian Cosmicube and gain access to Destiny 2-themed accessories. Several animals from the game, such as the Colony Worm, as well as a Starhorse cap are included in this package. Because Beans are free, using the Cosmicube is entirely risk-free if you can rack up enough Beans through gameplay. Before May 30th, the Guardian Cosmicube will no longer be available, so hurry and collect your beans.

Destiny 2 and Among Us Combo Available

Destiny 2 and Among Us Combo Available

In addition to these alterations and corrections, the upgrade also enhances the user interface. Changes to the notifications page include archiving old messages for in-game perusal. New and improved features include player complaints and pet-petting symbols. Improvements to the user interface will continue to be implemented. This version also includes patches for a number of bugs.

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Lightfall, a new addition for Destiny 2, is available right now. At the beginning of the campaign, an unprecedented number of people were playing the game at once on Steam. As well as a new Guardian levels system and tweaks to the game’s challenge, the Lightfall version also includes a number of corrections and modifications.

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