Delta Aquariids meteor shower 2024: How to see step wise

Delta Aquariids meteor Shower: This week marks the peak of Scotland annual Perseid meteor shower, giving locals an incredible opportunity to view this celestial phenomenon up close and capture it with their camera or phone. Furthermore with New Moon falling during this year Delta Aquariid meteor shower it provides an even more perfect time and place for viewing this cosmic spectacle from up close and taking photos!

What is Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower?

Delta Aquariids mark the start of summer meteor season for those living in northern latitudes. While their views may not be as clear they should still be able to witness something.

Experts from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich estimate this as being a moderate meteor shower making the end of July an opportune time to try and spot it.

Delta Aquariids meteor shower

Is there a certain time of day when one can observe Delta Aquariids?

Though best seen from the Southern Hemisphere, amateur astronomers in both Britain and America still stand a good chance of witnessing them.

Astronomers at Royal Museums Greenwich advise that for optimal viewing of meteor showers between 3:30 am and 3:30:30 in the morning is ideal.

Start searching around 2 am to increase the odds of finding what you need.

Before heading off on any travel adventures, always double-check the weather forecast.

If the sky appears cloudy, don’t feel pressured into venturing out; save your energy for when conditions improve later in the evening.

How to Watch the Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower Step by Step

To best observe the meteor shower make sure your surrounding have a dark sky and nothing is blocking your view of the southern sky.

  • To fully appreciate the stars you need a wide angle perspective of the globe.
  • People often mistakenly assume you need a telescope to see clearly, but you won’t.
  • For the ideal meditation experience, take a blanket outside, lie down on the ground, and gaze upward at the night sky.
  • Avoid looking at your phone too frequently, as that will keep the eyes from becoming accustomed to dim light.
  • NASA also has some creative solutions to share.

NASA reports that for the best view of Delta Aquariids you should angle your gaze at them at an angle of 45 degrees from vertical.

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