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The new Google Wallet app is out: Available At Google Play Store


Google I/O Marks the Return of the Original Name Service “Google Wallet”: At Google I/O, tech giant announced their original name service – Google Wallet! After two months in beta testing mode, users now have full access to this updated software solution.

Google Wallet is now accessible to everyone.

Google Pay (GPay) has become available as the go to payment solution on Android phones; previously known as Google Wallet GWallet had become the default way of storing credit card and sensitive data securely; but starting this year (2018) Google Wallet now serves a different role although both services will continue operating alongside each other & offer even more features than before!


Android 5.2 or download the app from Google Play Store.

Google recently decided to end support for one of their newest applications in 39 countries, though Android phones running version 5.2 or later can download it now from Google Play store. As part of Google’s efforts to streamline various payment apps such as their upgrade of Google Pay in 2020 so users could send and receive payments, as well as store cards across multiple accounts, this move may simplify using them more.

Google Wallet app’s most advantageous aspect lies in its capacity to work with both credit and loyalty cards – plus electronic keys! Furthermore, this software stores sensitive information securely such as government IDs, plane tickets and immunization records making accessing essential items much simpler!

A wallet replacement

Personal information security should always be top of mind when using any digital wallet, and Google recently announced their newly released Google Wallet app will offer similar protection as Android – including encrypted purchases to prevent unwanted eyes from seeing what they should not. An added advantage over other wallet programs such as Vault or Revolut is its non-proprietary nature compared to some others.


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Any developer can build apps for Google Wallet just as they do Android devices, according to Molly McHugh’s blog post about Johnson’s developers and Google Wallet. Johnson’s developers can adapt nearly any material into digital pages; with an expansive library of examples provided by Google. Those looking for something creative may customize these standard formats according to individual needs or personalize these preexisting designs for more individualized designs.

Android phone owners who have yet to download Google Wallet could be missing an exceptional opportunity. Since both services require Google Pay for both online and peer-to-peer payments, both apps will continue being upgraded simultaneously over several months.



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