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Dual Universe, a Sci-Fi MMO, announces its Release Date


Dual Universe blends aspects of EVE Online, Star Citizen, Minecraft, Space Engineers, and No Man’s Sky into a creativity-focused sci-fi MMO.

Dual Universe has been under production for years after a successful Kickstarter campaign. In the science fiction MMO Dual Universe, users may design buildings, spaceships, and other things.

Dual Universe’s official release date is September 27, with beta servers ending on September 22. Novaquark, a Paris-based firm created by Ubisoft, Sony, Apple, and Aldebaran Robotics personnel, is developing Dual Universe. Novaquark’s original CEO said the concept began in 2011. The game was announced after E3 2016 and received $560,000 from investors and Kickstarter supporters.


About Dual Universe

Dual Universe combines several high-profile sci-fi games to create a user-driven MMO like EVE Online’s. Players may create homes, towns, and space stations in a sandbox that’s like Minecraft in space. As there are no NPCs, the gameplay and economy are entirely player-driven, and all interactions take place on a single server.

Dual Universe

The voxel-based world is the foundation for the market-based resource economy, crafting, and building systems. Build-savvy gamers may offer blueprints to other players or specialise on piracy, bounty seeking, or leadership.
Sci-fi lovers like escaping into a credible future with boundless possibilities, which may be why they enjoy MMOs like EVE Online, Star Citizen, and Elite: Dangerous.

Sci-fi MMOs are underrepresented compared to fantasy MMOs like World of Warcraft. The Game may draw gamers searching for a sci-fi MMO they haven’t experienced, but the MMO setting means it won’t compete directly with single-player games like Starfield.


Dual Univers’s $10/month membership model helps pay server maintenance. This implies that users may sample the game for $10 instead of $60 upfront.

Dual Universe launches on PC September 27. Until September 22, a beta is available.

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