Defenders Depot Codes: Latest Codes (April 2024)

Defenders Depot Codes might help you gain free crates, tokens, and other items. In case you want to try them out we’ll include all the Defenders Depot live codes as well as all the expired ones below. Continue reading to learn how to redeem them as well as how to collect all of your freebies quickly.

Defenders Depot Codes

Defenders Depot Codes (April 2024)

As Defenders Depot tickets allow access to many in-game goods, it’s beneficial to stay abreast of every one that’s accessible. Below you will find a full list of active Defenders Depot codes for April.

bingchillinFree Reward (NEW)
*%@?Free Reward (NEW)
65M!Free Reward
300kFAVEFree Reward
festiveTimeFree Reward
snowsnosnsFree Reward
winteriscomingFree Reward
DD2Free Reward
60M!Free Reward
candyFree Reward
cornFree Reward
soonTMFree Reward
tags?!Free Reward
settingsnowayFree Reward
spamspamFree Reward
ty4100kFree Reward
Ascensions!Chat Token
gamingBasic Crate
ascend?Free Reward
50M!Free Reward
50000000?!Free Reward
ty450Free Reward
Another1Free Reward
worldWIDEFree Reward
zoooomFree Reward
tahc labolgFree Reward
thatswildFree Reward
EASTER2022Free Reward
newnewnewFree Reward
token?Free Reward
cencelFree Reward
walFree Reward
FONUFOFree Trade Token
snowwwBasic Crate
O_oBasic Crate
fir3ballBasic Crate
ZaP10,000 Coins
speeeedBasic Crate
hdBasic Crate
b0xBasic Crate
b00mBasic Crate
SIX!?Basic Crate
killALLplsBasic Crate
discoBasic Crate
spookyBasic Crate
bugcatcherBasic Crate
soonBasic Crate
6969 Coins

Defenders Depot Expired Codes

Here is a complete list of all the Defenders Depot expired codes for you to review:

  • oneMillion!
  • dreamcometrue
  • halfwaythere
  • 200K!
  • updatetime

Redeeming Defenders Depot Codes

Follow these instructions to redeem your promo coupons for Roblox Defenders Depot:

  • Launch the game
  • Click on Settings button (left side of screen).
  • Enter your code into Enter Code box.
  • Simply press green Go button to unlock and collect your free rewards.

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