Cuphead Plush: Obtain these fantastic Cuphead Plushies

Cuphead Plush: Cuphead plush. The 2D platformer’s great controls, harsh monsters, and breathtaking 2D aesthetics reference old animation methods. Cuphead, Mugman, Ms Chalice, and the others are so well-designed characters that people demand stuff.

Cuphead Plush
Cuphead Plush: Obtain these fantastic Cuphead Plushies

Cuphead, a mind-blowing Mugman, and a delightful Ms Chalice. We’ve combed the internet for the greatest plushies and toys, but tweet us if you spot anything we’d like.

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Cuphead plush guide:

Mugman and Cuphead set

Cuphead Plush

Ant, Dec. Chip & Dale Elvis/Costello Why not commemorate the two mug-brothers? Cuphead and Mugman are squishy, squeezable figures in this two-pack. Reenact your favourite hair-pulling moments and throw Cuphead out the window when you die. This won’t return, so take it. I mean… Cute toys to purchase.

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Cagney and The Devil plush figures

Like eviler figures? This two-piece set features two of Cuphead’s most memorable and challenging bosses. You may take out your frustrations on these figurines in real life or enjoy them on your shelf while you work.

Legendary Ms Chalice plush

Cuphead Plush
Cuphead Plush: Obtain these fantastic Cuphead Plushies

Cuphead’s The Delicious Last Course DLC included Ms Chalice. The previously marginalized character suddenly stars, handles well, and changes how players engage with the whole game, not just the DLC. You may demonstrate your devotion for everyone’s favorite female receptacle with this plush.

Cuphead (ghost) plush

You’ll spend a lot of time admiring Cuphead’s sights, but you’ll also watch Cuphead and Mugman’s souls rising upward. You may watch their souls ascend into the afterlife after being separated from their mortal bodies by whomever murdered you. Cuphead ghost plush lets you immortalize your shame in cuddly form.

Cuphead Toys

Figures for Cuphead:

If you’re allergic to squishy things or can’t bear adorable things, try these Cuphead figurines. These six-inch figurines include the main characters and are more likely to stand upright in a mild earthquake, if that influences your selection.
This list should help you find Cuphead swag for the finest son-of-a-mug in your life or other fans. If you need more gift ideas, check out our Kirby plush guide(Click Here).

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