Core Keeper, Co-op survival Game gets 2 Biomes and a Boss

Core Keeper: The underground survival game is receiving a desert habitat and monster this November, a crystal biome in 2023, and more.
In June, co-op survival sandbox Core Keeper debuted a new biome, The Sunken Sea, which helped the game sell over a million copies in three months of early access. Pugstorm’s popularity doesn’t mean the devs are resting. One new biome is coming to Core Keeper later this year and another in 2023.

Core Keeper: About Biomes

Core Keeper: The first new biome will be The Desert of Beginnings, a dry subterranean habitat featuring a “Molten Quarry” subzone. The desert biome will have dunes and tombs, new foes including the Bomb Scarab, Lava Butterfly, and Caveling Assassin, and a new boss dubbed “Ra-Akar the Sand Titan.” Sounds terrible. And sandy.

Core Keeper

Core Keeper: The desert will also offer a new resource called Galaxite, which players may use for crafting and improvements. A new, unidentified means of transportation will be included in the update. A dune buggy? sand sailboat? Worm riding? We don’t know, but we’re excited to find out.
The second new habitat, expected for 2023, is a crystal biome, although creators haven’t offered details. I’m sure we’ll hear more following the Desert of Beginnings update.

Cozy Caverns, a free update arriving on September 14, will provide new cosmetics based on community input that gamers may utilise to embellish their bases.

Special festivities are planned for Halloween in October and Christmas in December. That’s a lot to look forward to! Check out the Core Keeper roadmap here and some images of the Cozy Caverns upgrade below.

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