Contending Tides Events Coop: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: The contending tides event took place not too long ago, and attendees had the chance to win primogems and other prizes. The contending tides event was more extravagant than the contending tides. There will be no timed event or event shop; however, the event shop will have a new daily assignment available. In the next few minutes, you should be able to finish most of the parts of the event.

Due to the nature of the event, this is a quest that can only be completed individually. This material has been gathered for the purpose of assisting you in getting started with this event and succeeding at the challenges that have been set before you so that you can collect all of the awards that are now available to you.

Challenges: Contending Tides, Genshin Impact

Contending Tides Events: Genshin Impact
Contending Tides Events

Those participants who want a shot at the gold medal need to pay very close attention to the competition’s guidelines. Each arena has its own special rule that, if followed, can significantly boost the amount of damage you deal. Shockwaves will be generated, for example, when one successfully freezes an adversary.

  • Some of the more tough challenge stages, such as Arena 4, require players to adhere to a specific set of unconventional guidelines in order to succeed.
  • Keeping up with the requirements of your health care might also be a mild inconvenience. Due to the difficulty of the combat, especially for players of lower levels, you should bring a skilled healer with you. Despite this, getting better isn’t a very difficult process.
  • The closest statue of the Seven can be found in Windrise; however, similar to the situation in Peculiar Wonderland, you will be able to teleport directly back to the arena once it has been unlocked.

Because of this, the time it takes to care for your characters in between bouts of combat will be significantly cut down. Keep in mind that the statue will, at some point, require its batteries to be recharged. Remember that you may use objects in the arena, thus you shouldn’t refuel your characters in between fights. This is because you can use stuff in the arena.

Fundamentals of Contending Tides: Genshin Impact

  • To take part in this event, you will need to have reached Adventure Rank 20, and you will need to travel to Dadaupa Gorge, which is located in Mondstadt and is also known as the Sword Graveyard. There, you will find Dr. Livingstone, who you can speak to in order to get access to the next arena. Once it is activated, you will have unlimited access to participate in any open tournament of your choosing.
  • You’ll see that there are three distinct price points for the event when you get there. The majority of players are currently at around the same level as the monsters on the first level, which is level 80. When you play on hard, you’ll confront enemies of level 85, and when you play on extreme, you’ll face formidable adversaries of level 90.
  • The good news is that if you are successful in completing Extreme mode, you will also be eligible for all of the awards for Normal and Hard difficulty levels. In addition, it is possible to acquire all primogem prizes by completing each trial in the standard difficulty setting.

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Strategies for Conquering Difficult Tide Conditions: Genshin Impact

The following are some general approaches that can be taken to overcome challenges.

  • Always be sure to use food buffs before heading into battle so that you can increase your attack, defense, and chance to critically hit your opponent.
  • It is essential to prioritize defeating the weaker enemies first, as they pose a greater risk to your health throughout the duration of the game and should be eliminated as quickly as possible. This is particularly true with regard to grenadiers and archers.
  • When confronted by a Mitachurl, evading their attacks is analogous to ducking five arrows rather than one. It is extremely advantageous to have a character like Mona, who can help with field control, at your disposal.
  • It is important to do study about your enemy before choosing a side so that you can take advantage of the element reactions that will help you defeat them.
  • Use your hydro and cryo abilities to your advantage and freeze your larger opponents if you have a solid combo of these two. Healers with group healing and hydro/cryo capabilities like Barbara and QiQi are quite valuable for this reason.


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