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Contending Tides Events Coop: Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact: Not long ago the contending tides event concluded and attendees had the chance to win primogems and other prizes. This contest was more elaborate than its predecessor there will be no timed event or event shop; however you can check out a new daily assignment in the event shop. With some patience you shoulds be able to complete most of the parts of this endeavor within a few minutes.

Due to the nature of this event completion must be achieved individually. This material has been assembled in order to guides you through each challenge so that you may collects all awards available to you.

Challenges: Contending Tides, Genshin Impact

Contending Tides Events: Genshin Impact
Contending Tides Events

Each arena features unique rules that if followed closely can significantly boost damage output. When one successfully freez an opponent shockwave will be generated causing greater shockwave of damage output than ever.

  • Arena 4 provides some of the tougher challenge stages where players must abide by strict regulations in order to succeed.
  • Maintaining your health may seem like an extra burden; with combat being harder for lower level players than usual, however, bringing along an experienced healer might prove helpful and should make getting well more straightforward. Nonetheless, getting better should never prove challenging!
  • Windrise offers the closest statue to each of the Seven, and once unlocked you’ll be able to teleport directly back into its arena for play.

By doing this the time spent caring for characters between fights will be significantly reduced. Keep in mind that your statue may require charging at some point; thus avoid refueling characters in between fights as objects in the arena may need to be used.

Fundamentals of Contending Tides: Genshin Impact

  • To participate in this event, you must reach Adventure Rank 20 and travel to Dadaupa Gorge (located near Mondstadt and known as the Sword Graveyard). There, you’ll find Dr. Livingstone who can grant access to the next arena. Once activated, you will have unlimited access to any open tournament of your choosing!
  • When entering the event, you’ll notice three distinct price points. Most players are currently around the same level as the monsters on level 80; when playing hard, enemies of level 85 will confront you while playing extreme, you’ll face formidable adversaries of level 90.
  • Good news! If you complete Extreme mode successfully, you will also be eligible for all awards offered on Normal and Hard difficulty levels. Furthermore, all primogem prizes can be earned by successfully completing each trial on standard difficulty setting.

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Strategies for Conquering Difficult Tide Conditions: Genshin Impact

Following are several strategies you can employ in order to overcome challenges.

Before engaging in battle, always ensure to use food-based stimuli as food supplements to bolster your attack, defense and chance for critical hits against an adversary.

Before attacking stronger opponents, prioritize defeating weaker ones first as these pose the greatest danger to your health and should be eliminated promptly – this applies particularly to grenadiers and archers.


Avoiding Mitachurl attacks requires dodging multiple arrows at once; having someone like Mona on your team who can assist with field control would prove highly advantageous.

Before choosing your side, it is crucial that you conduct some preliminary research about your opponent in order to take full advantage of any element reactions which might help you overcome them.

Use hydro and cryo abilities together to freeze larger opponents if you possess them in abundance, particularly healers like Barbara or QiQi who possess group healing capacities. This tactic can prove especially valuable.


After reviewing all of the Contending Tides Events: Genshin Impact content available here, you should have an improved understanding of what’s taking place. Please use this space below to express any thoughts and raise any queries regarding what was published here; should any difficulties arise, don’t be shy in reaching out for assistance when necessary.

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