Chimera Tool Latest Setup Professional service software Samsung

Chimera Tool Latest Setup v35.12.1127 (2024) Available for Download. Chimera tool is the premier application designed for Android-based mobile devices, offering access to all available functions. Furthermore, this versatile utility may support various models.

All models, such as Samsung, Huawei, Qualcomm, Mediatek, spd, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo, can be unlocked, flashed, and their IMEIs repaired using this program. You’ll need a chimera dongle to utilize these tools; we’ll cover the most recent addition in more detail below.

Chimera Tool Latest Setup Professional service software Samsung

Chimera Tool Latest Setup Professional service software Samsung

Upgrading to newer firmware or downgrading to older ones are two of the most frequent uses for this feature. Altering or adding languages is another potential application of this capability. After installing such a software update, most restart, freeze, and no-boot issues are resolved in about ninety percent of cases.

Read Codes

If you need to know your phone’s default unlock code or have frequently entered incorrect codes, this service is perfect for you. In most cases, it’s free and can be used an infinite number of times once the license has been acquired; however, in certain circumstances, additional resources may be necessary, which will be mentioned during the procedure. Alternatively, visit our website for specific model-specific info on certain phones.

About Chimera Tool

Chimera’s history began with humble beginnings: two technology students working on it as a side project. Over time, our staff has grown larger until now. We employ over 20 individuals dedicated to making Chimera the best it can be. Thanks to our passionate and dedicated team and years of valuable experience under our belts, we’ve created an industry-leading product used daily by more than 180 000 satisfied clients worldwide.

New Feature Update

Every critical bit of data and device status can be read directly from a phone, such as its serial number, factory information, and hardware specs… in some cases, this data has even been used to alter or add languages!

Check for detailed information about your devices.

  • Upgrade and downgrade your device firmware (software) quickly and effortlessly.
  • Verify the default unlock code on your device.
  • Certificates can be both read and written.
  • Modem Repair.
  • Recover Your Device’s IMEI and MAC Number.
  • Backing Up and Restoring Your Device
  • Do you regularly back up and restore your device?
  • If so, what steps do you take?

Read codes

Are you uncertain of your phone’s default unlock code, or have you used an incorrect one and now need an “unfreeze” code? Then this feature may be ideal for you. Usually, it’s free and can be used unlimited days after purchase how ever some cases require more funds – we will notify you during the process if this applies to your phone model. For further assistance with phone model info, please consult our site.

Earn your Read & Write certification today!

Hence, the manufacturer wanted to prevent anyone from changing or abusing the original serial number without authorization. Unfortunately, sometimes this component may become damaged or stung due to misuse.

If this occurs, having a copy of the component can be beneficial and allow us to recover quickly. In some instances, we can even restore saved material onto other machines by fixing them together precisely the same way – though note that there’s likely been serial number cloning involved in such cases.

Modem Fix

Error messages such as “No system found” or if your IMEI number is invalid may appear. To rectify one of these scenarios, try testing this complex attribute by entering “12345600654321”.

Fix IMEI & Mac

  • Should the need arise, the repair is possible. Unfortunately, we cannot back up all individual calibration and security parameters before each procedure due to time constraints; however, we offer you the chance to do it yourself. We strive to create copies before each critical part of the process for added security; thus, this performance provides additional assurance.

Chimera Tool Latest Setup 2024

Chimera Tool v30.88.1240
Chimera Tool Driver
ChimeraTool Authenticator Driver
#20 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements
New features and improvements included:

Samsung: Implemented Phone Info procedure for devices connected in modem mode (when adb/normal mode isn't available).
Root: We've updated the rooting mechanism, potentially increasing success rates with Qualcomm and MTK Root procedures (further developments are coming soon).
Huawei: added a warning message for Huawei ID & FRP Remove when we can't begin the Factory Reset automatically.
Core: now suggesting a default extract destination in Firmware Extractor of Utility panel
Samsung: Implemented Auto Detect for newer phones on the Firmware Update panel
Core: Corrected multiple bugs in the generic file downloader
Core also resolved an issue that could cause crashes during application startup if specific Anti-Virus softwares were used.
Improved Patch IMEI for Xiaomi MTK
Patch IMEI procedure supports all Xiaomi devices with MTK SoCs from now, including MT68XX devices.

List of supported phones:
Redmi Note 10 5G/Redmi Note 10T 5G/POCO M3 Pro 5G (camellia)
Redmi Note 10 5G/Redmi Note 10T/POCO M3 Pro (camellian)
Redmi Note 11 5G/Redmi Note 11T 5G (evergo)
POCO M4 Pro 5G (evergreen)
Redmi Note 9 5G (cannon)
Redmi Note 9T (cannong)
Redmi 10X 5G (atom)
Redmi 10X Pro (bomb)
Redmi Note 11 Pro/Pro+/Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G/Xiaomi 11i 5G/Hypercharge (pissarro)
Redmi K30 Ultra (cezanne)
Xiaomi 11T (agate)
Redmi K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT (ares)
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G/POCO X3 GT (chopin)
The phone goes back to its original state after a firmware update or an OTA update, so it’s mandatory to disable automatic OTA updates of the phone.
 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements
New features and improvements:

Qualcomm: Added 111 new programmers for ZTE, TCL Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, and many more BlackBerry: removed various functions that had become irrelevant since January 4, 2024, when BlackBerry officially stopped their services. Bugfixes: 
MTK: fixed a bug when displaying partition sizes during Store/Restore Backup procedure Qualcomm: fixed a bug when canceling procedures during flash read Core: fixed a logging issue during procedure execution Core: fixed a bug in serial communication (mainly Huawei's USB Firmware Update procedure was affected by this) Core: fixed a bug in our file downloader which caused issues during application updates and driver downloads
New features and improvements: MTK: Improved device connection stability while in bootrom mode; 
Core: Enabled Windows Hello for login purposes; Chinese translation improved for easier reading of Chinese texts; 
Bugfixes: LG corrected an issue when unpacking KDZ/Z files
Chimera_v30.99.2102 features and improvements:

Xiaomi: added validation for the phone's original IMEI certificate to ensure correct Patch IMEI procedure availability. 
Bugfixes: Huawei: fixed a bug when parsing firmware files for the Repair Recovery procedure. 
Core: fixed various typos in procedure logs.
Chimera Installer 30.88.1240
#2 BiWeekly Update Summary-Fixes and Improvements
added repair IMEI and MEID (bootrom mode) for all LG phones with MTK SoC, all software versions! Highlighted supported models:
LG K10 (M250N)
LG K31 (LM-K300Q)
LG K40 (LM-X420EMW)
LG K40S (LM-X430EMW)
LG K50 (LM-X520HM)
LG K51 (LM-K500MM)
LG K61 (LM-Q630EAW)
LG Q7 (LM-Q610EMW)
LG Xpression Plus 2 (LM-X420AS8)
LG X Charge (SP320)
LG X Power 2 (M320N)
LG Velvet 5G (LM-G900TM)
New features and improvements:

LG: improved detection of LG phones in bootrom mode and overall compatibility with generic MTK features.
MTK: improved available disk space check before creating a backup archive
Check our Supported Models page for pricing.

Chimeratool New features and improvements:

  • Samsung: Improved Read Codes process for Qualcomm devices
  •  Samsung: Added Read Codes for Galaxy S20 devices (Exynos CPU) (Exynos CPU)
  •  UI: Unified device status indicator (fast boot/recovery/etc.)
  •  Samsung: Fixed NG status in the patchset method for several Exynos models (g930x, g935x, etc.) (g930x, g935x, etc.)
  •  UI: Fixed tooltips for processes
  •  Oppo: Fix crash while flashing from Oppo firmware files
  •  LG: Fixed device IDs
  •  LG: Fixed problems and compatibility with SW upgrades
  •  Faster phone models selection using lists and drop downs
  •  Added automated programmer analysis for Oppo (whether it needs auth or not) (if it requires auth or not)
  •  More comprehensive error messages for firmware type identification for EDL mode flash processes

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