Chimera Tool Latest Setup Professional service software Samsung

Chimera Tool Latest Setup v32.13.1420 Latest Update 2022 is Available for Download. The Chimeratool is the premier application for use on Android-based mobile devices. This utility provides access to all of the accessible functions. Additionally, it is a tool that may support a variety of models.

All models, including Samsung, Huawei, Qualcomm, Mediatek, spd, Xiaomi, Vivo, and Oppo, may be unlocked, flashed, and have their IMEIs repaired with the use of this programme. The URL to get the most recent version, which can be found on this website, is the official link to download the file. You will need a chimaera dongle in order to make use of these tools. The most recent addition to it is going to be covered in more depth down below.

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Chimera Tool Latest Setup Professional service software Samsung

Chimera Tool Latest Setup Professional service software Samsung

Upgrades to newer firmware versions or downgrades to earlier versions are typically the two most prevalent use of this capability. Altering or adding languages is one possible use of this feature. After installing this sort of software update, the majority of restart, freeze, and no-boot difficulties are resolved in about ninety percent of instances.

Read codes

This function is for you if you are curious about the default unlock code for your phone, or if you have frequently entered the erroneous code, which has resulted in the device requiring a code to “unfreeze” it. In most situations, this service is provided at no cost and may be used an infinite number of times following the acquisition of the appropriate licence; nevertheless, some circumstances call for more resources. This may cost credits, but you will be told about this as you go through the procedure. Alternatively, you may visit our website for information on certain phone models.

About Chimera Tool

Chimera’s background is rooted in modest beginnings: initially, it was just a minor job two technology students worked on as a pastime. As the years improved, our staff grew more extensive, and today we’ve got over 20 workers working hard to creating Chimera the very best it could be. With our enthusiastic and dedicated staff and years of valuable experience under our belt, we’ve been able to make a market leading product utilized every day by over 180 000 satisfied clients all over the world.

New Feature Update

Every significant bit of data and device status can be read straight from the telephone, such as the sequential number, factory information, hardware information, etc… At times it’s used to alter or include languages.

Read codes

If you’re wondering about your telephone’s default unlock code, or else you have used the incorrect code, and the apparatus currently takes a so-called”unfreeze” code, then this attribute is best for you. Usually, that is entirely free and may be used unlimited days following your permit’s purchase, but some instances require more funds. This will charge credits, but we’ll caution you during the procedure, or you’ll be able to refer to our site for particular phone model info.

Read & Write certification.

Hence the producer aimed to stop you from manipulating the initially held serial number without any authorization. Occasionally this component becomes damaged or stung with an improper instrument. 

If it happens, acquiring a copy of the component can be helpful, allowing the capability to earn a hassle-free recovery. Sometimes, we may also restore a formerly saved material to additional apparatus by fixing them in precisely the identical manner. It’s indispensable to be aware that in the latter scenario, it follows that this serial number has also been cloned.

Modem fix

In this event, error messages may appear, such as there’s not any system, no IMEI number in your apparatus, or at the event in which you merely receive a numerical message like”12345600654321″. It’s a good idea to try out this complex attribute to produce the correct correction in one of these situations.


If the situation arises, it’s possible to repair. . We cannot back up all of the person calibration and security parameters before each procedure since this could be very time-intensive. Still, we do provide you with the chance to do it on all yourself. We’re attempting to create copies before each crucial area of the procedure; it is a performance that offers additional security.

Download Chimera Tool Latest Setup 2022

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Chimera Tool VersionFile Link
ChimeraInstaller_v32.13.1420Direct Download (working)
ChimeraInstaller_v31.97.0927Expire (Not Working)
ChimeraInstaller_v31.51.0942 Expire (Not Working)
ChimeraInstaller_v31.43.0850 Expire (Not Working)
ChimeraInstaller_31.36.2132Expire (Not Working)
ChimeraInstaller_31.29.0919Expire (Not Working)
ChimeraInstaller_30.99.2102  Expire (Not Working)
Chimera Tool v30.88.1240Expire (Not Working)
ChimeraInstaller_v24.64.1227Expire (Not Working)
Chimera Tool DriverDownload
ChimeraTool Authenticator DriverDownload

#20 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements
New features and improvements:

Samsung: added Phone Info procedure for devices connected in modem mode (when adb/normal mode is not available)
Root: we've updated the rooting mechanism, which could potentially increase the success rate of Qualcomm and MTK Root procedures (further developments are coming soon)
Huawei: added a new warning message for Huawei ID & FRP Remove procedure when we can't start the Factory Reset automatically
Core: now we're suggesting a default extract destination in the Firmware extractor of the Utility panel

Samsung: fixed the Auto Detect feature for newer phones on the Firmware Update panel
Core: fixed various bugs in the generic file downloader
Core: fixed a bug which could cause crashes during application start if specific Anti-Virus softwares were used
Improved Patch IMEI for Xiaomi MTK
Patch IMEI procedure supports all Xiaomi devices with MTK SoCs from now, including MT68XX devices.

List of supported phones:
Redmi Note 10 5G/Redmi Note 10T 5G/POCO M3 Pro 5G (camellia)
Redmi Note 10 5G/Redmi Note 10T/POCO M3 Pro (camellian)
Redmi Note 11 5G/Redmi Note 11T 5G (evergo)
POCO M4 Pro 5G (evergreen)
Redmi Note 9 5G (cannon)
Redmi Note 9T (cannong)
Redmi 10X 5G (atom)
Redmi 10X Pro (bomb)
Redmi Note 11 Pro/Pro+/Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G/Xiaomi 11i 5G/Hypercharge (pissarro)
Redmi K30 Ultra (cezanne)
Xiaomi 11T (agate)
Redmi K40 Gaming/POCO F3 GT (ares)
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G/POCO X3 GT (chopin)
The phone goes back to its original state after a firmware update or an OTA update, so it’s mandatory to disable automatic OTA updates of the phone.
 BiWeekly Update Summary - Fixes and Improvements
New features and improvements:

Qualcomm: Added 111 new programmers for ZTE, TCL Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, and many more
BlackBerry: removed various functions that become irrelevant since January 4, 2022 when BlackBerry officially stopped their services

MTK: fixed a bug when displaying partition sizes during Store/Restore Backup procedure
Qualcomm: fixed a bug when canceling procedures during flash read
Core: fixed a logging issue during procedure execution
Core: fixed a bug in serial communication (mainly Huawei's USB Firmware Update procedure was affected by this)
Core: fixed a bug in our file downloader which caused issues during application updates and driver downloads
New features and improvements:

MTK: improved device connection stability in bootrom mode
Core: it's now possible to use Windows Hello for login
Core: improved Chinese translation and readability of Chinese texts

LG: fixed a bug when unpacking KDZ/DZ files
Chimera_v30.99.2102 features and improvements:

Xiaomi: added validation for the phone's original IMEI certificate to ensure correct Patch IMEI procedure availability

Huawei: fixed a bug when parsing firmware files for Repair Recovery procedure
Core: fixed various typos in procedure logs
Chimera Installer 30.88.1240
#2 BiWeekly Update Summary-Fixes and Improvements
added repair IMEI and MEID (bootrom mode) for all LG phones with MTK SoC, all software versions! Highlighted supported models:
LG K10 (M250N)
LG K31 (LM-K300Q)
LG K40 (LM-X420EMW)
LG K40S (LM-X430EMW)
LG K50 (LM-X520HM)
LG K51 (LM-K500MM)
LG K61 (LM-Q630EAW)
LG Q7 (LM-Q610EMW)
LG Xpression Plus 2 (LM-X420AS8)
LG X Charge (SP320)
LG X Power 2 (M320N)
LG Velvet 5G (LM-G900TM)
New features and improvements:

LG: improved detection of LG phones in bootrom mode and overall compatibility with generic MTK features.
MTK: improved available disk space check before creating a backup archive
Check our Supported Models page for pricing.

Chimeratool New features and improvements:

  • Samsung: Improved Read Codes process for Qualcomm devices
  • Samsung: Added Read Codes for Galaxy S20 devices (Exynos CPU) (Exynos CPU)
  • UI: Unified device status indicator (fast boot/recovery/etc)
  • Samsung: Fixed NG status in the patchset method for several Exynos models (g930x, g935x, etc) (g930x, g935x, etc)
  • UI: Fixed tooltips for processes
  • Oppo: Fix crash while flashing from Oppo firmware files
  • LG: Fixed device IDs
  • LG: Fixed problems and compatibility with SW upgrades
  • Faster phone models selection using lists and drop-downs
  • Added automated programmer analysis for Oppo (whether it needs auth or not) (if it requires auth or not)
  • More comprehensive error messages for firmware type identification for EDL mode flash processes

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