Unlock the Secrets of the Chest of the Mundane BG3

chest of the mundane bg3: you will find chest of the mundane on the northern balcony of the main floor. The main floor is the one with the large main gate guarded by Arcane Turrets.

as adventurers explore deeper into the Underdark’s Arcane Tower, they come upon an extraordinary magical artifact which holds incredible powers: It transforms any stored objects into everyday items like spoons or plates while at the same time significantly decreasing their weight; making travel much simpler with no heavy belongings to haul around; exploration becomes effortless without heavy burdens hindering traveller progress! Armed and ready for whatever lies ahead on their exploration journey.

Unlock the Secrets of the Chest of the Mundane BG3

What it used to do in chest of the mundane bg3:

Adventurers discovered an extraordinary magical chest deep within the Underdark that held special powers. This chest could store items, then transform them into everyday items without increasing carrying capacity – offering invaluable boon to all brave enough to venture deeper. Adventurers discovered it sitting atop Arcane Tower’s northern balcony; offering invaluable benefits to those willing to venture deep within its depths.

Change in recent updates (Patch 8):

The Chest of Mundane used to aid adventurers by lightening items stored within its confines; but now its function has evolved; instead of making weight reduction easier for you to access, its primary role now simply entails holding items without making them lighter. You’ll still find it at Arcane Tower; however it no longer provides its special weight-reducing abilities as previously.

Managing inventory weight in chest of the mundane bg3:

Are your adventures becoming too heavy to carry? Fear not – there are ways you can manage your inventory that won’t solely depend on Chest of the Mundane to lighten it! Take regular inventory assessments of what belongings you own and dispose of any items not needed by selling or giving to charity; divide loads among travel companions–letting them carry some stuff themselves–and opt for lighter equipment whenever possible so as to travel lighter and more efficiently – these strategies should make traveling lighter in no time.

Frequently asked questions

What to do with the chest of the mundane BG3?

Players may use the Chest of Mundane to store weapons and armor of any size or weight within its capacity; its total weight will then be decreased down to single-digit numbers or lower.

Did Chest of the Mundane get parched?

No you can not be parched.

Why is the chest of the mundane items not changing back?

Removing items from the chest won’t change them into mundane objects; similarly, adding anything new won’t do so either.

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