Thaniel in BG3: Where you can find it?

Thaniel in BG3: Thaniel, one of the key characters in Baldur Gate 3, can be found at Last Light Inn in Shadow-Cursed Lands by searching out Flaming Fist meetings. To free him, locate Oliver his shadow half northeast of Shadowed Battlefield waypoint hidden away within House in Deep Shadows; convince or confront Oliver in order to reunite them at Halsin Last Light Inn marking an emotionally poignant reunion in their journey together.

Thaniel in BG3: Where you can find it?

Where you can find Thaniel in BG3?

Thaniel in BG3 can first be encountered at the Last Light Inn located in the southwest corner of Shadow-Cursed Lands region. Travelers arriving there are sure to spot him relaxing comfortably on one of its beds near where Flaming Fist meetings occur.

Adventurers looking to release Thaniel must first locate Oliver, his shadow half living northeast of Shadowed Battlefield waypoint and infiltrate House in Deep Shadows waypoint in order to locate Oliver and free Thaniel from captivity. Oliver can often be found hidden within its crumbling walls of House in Deep Shadows waypoint.

Once Oliver is located, players will have to decide between persuading or confronting him to bring him back home to Thaniel and facilitate their reunion at Halsin Last Light Inn near Halsin – marking an emotional reunion despite its difficult journey forward.

Why you need to find Thaniel in BG3?

Thaniel in BG3 plays an instrumental role in Baldur Gate 3 which play an influenceful role across many aspect of game. Notably as Spirit of Shadow-Cursed Lands, Thaniel must reconcile both spiritual and shadow aspects within himself to break free from their curse and restore vitality and beauty back into regions associated with him as Spirit of Shadow-Cursed Lands.

Thaniel’s healing skills can play an invaluable role in recruiting Halsin, an influential druid with strong roots in this ecosystem who initially resists joining your party but eventually agrees; to ensure his allegiance he requires Thaniel restore her health as part of an agreement; in return he provides invaluable expertise that comes in handy while traversing difficult terrain like Mount Gushmore.

Thaniel journey transcends mere game mechanics which is touching on themes of duality, redemption and past actions aftereffects. Tracing his footsteps allows not only insight into Shadow-Cursed Land history but also lets players shape its future by selecting actions today that affect Thaniel and thus alter future history of Shadow-Cursed Land.

Reaching Thaniel’s reunion can bring tangible advantages beyond experience points alone, including unlockable dialogue options that reflect your choices throughout your adventure, restored lands that provide fresh areas to explore as well as resources you can put toward further quests or journeys, and unlockable dialogue options reflecting them.

Frequently asked questions:

Where does Thaniel hide?

In his home which is just northeast of the Shadowed Battlefield waypoint.

How to convince Oliver to go back to Thaniel?

Once the Nightdome has collapsed, you can speak with Oliver and convince him to join Thaniel at your camp. At the conclusion of your conversation he’ll head in your direction as planned.

How do you find Thaniels missing half?

It is at just north of the Shadowed Battlefield Waypoint at coordinates X79, Y35

Where is Thaniel shadow?

He shadow is close to the Shadowed Battlefield waypoint in the centre of the Shadow-Cursed Lands region

Where is Halsin after saving Thaniel?

Halsin will emerge from the portal holding Thaniel in his arms

Where do you find Thaniel?

Thaniel is in the Shadowfell.

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