sussur bark in bg3 all about

sussur bark in bg3 is an unnerving depths of the Underdark holds within it an elusive Sussur Tree famed for its prized bark; only one such rare tree exists here at Dread Hollow region at coordinates X-14 Y:-138 on Underdark maps – this singular Sussur Tree serves as its sole source.

sussur bark in bg3 in Brave souls venturing deeper must travel along Dread Hollow’s dark passageways until reaching this special Sussur Tree for its prized bark source at coordinates X:-14 Y:-138 to reach it; those successful will receive its precious bark as vital component necessary when crafting weapons of unparalleled power and utility

sussur bark in bg3 all about

Where to find sussur bark in bg3

Deep within the Underdark lies an elusive Sussur Tree coveted by adventurers for its remarkable bark properties. Only ever one Sussur Tree exists within Dread Hollow region at coordinates X:-14 Y:-138 on Underdark maps; adventurers seeking it must traverse Dread Hollow’s labyrinthine passages until reaching it and receiving its precious bark as their prize; this reward can then be used in crafting weapons with enhanced strength and utility

How to obtain sussur bark in bg3

Adventurers seeking to venture deep into the Underdark can complete Myconid Colony quests or cast Featherfall spells for swift descent, heading towards Sussur Tree Waypoint’s towering root in the east.

Be wary as Hook Horrors patrol along this route – once vanquished they must collect bark for weapon crafting from majestic Sussur Tree! By working towards their end goal adventurers may unlock it and gain vital crafting materials they require for weapon creation

sussur bark in bg3 all about

How to use sussur bark in bg3

Return to the blacksmith in Blighted Village by entering his house where your quest started and proceeding through to his furnace where Sussur Bark from your inventory can be added directly into its flames before using one of your plain weapons (Sickle, Greatsword or Dagger) from Sickle to infuse with its potency and emerge with “Silence on Hit”, ready for use against foes in battle

Frequently asked Question:

Is there only one piece of sussur bark?

it’s only found in a single location in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What is the sussur flower used for in bg3?

Sussur Blooms are crucial in powering the generator that powers Arcane Tower’s elevator; however, their presence also serves to suppress magic and any person or object holding one of these blooms.

What are the two types of bark?

Bast, or soft bark, is produced by the vascular cambium; this structure comprises secondary phloem tissue with its innermost layer providing nourishment from leaves to other parts of the plant.

Which of these species is obtained from Tree Bark?

Cinnamon can be obtained from various parts of a tree’s bark; more precisely it comes from inside bark species within the Genus Cinnamomum family of trees.

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