Chapters Redemption Codes New Update Code March 2023


You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking information on the March list of Chapters redemption codes for the year 2023. On this page, we’ll give you that year’s list’s specifics. Next, a list of all currently working Chapter redemption codes for 2023 will be given.

Simply told, Chapters Interactive Stories is not a game for kids. Since this game contains both perilous and passionate events. Periodically, the game’s designer releases new materials like extra levels and cheats.

Redeeming Chapters Interactive Stories game codes is a simple procedure. Use Chapters redemption vouchers to get free tickets and gems.


The code list for Chapters Interactive Stories is currently available in this form. There is also a list of acceptable code snippets. So go ahead and include these cheat codes in your game. We often update the code to make sure you always have access to working Chapters redemption codes.

Chapters Redemption Codes New Update Code October 2022

Chapters Redemption Codes March 2023 List Here

Here is the list of Chapters Redemption Codes 2023 March

Gift CodeGiftDate Added
6rcb6qcm2 TicketsFebruary 28th, 2023 (New)
6rcb6qcm5 DiamondsFebruary 27th, 2023 (New)
4sysyw7d5 DiamondsFebruary 26th, 2023 (New)
qbddjfh52 TicketsFebruary 23rd, 2023
sn4nbpvz5 DiamondsFebruary 22nd, 2023
vaufdaw75 DiamondsFebruary 18th, 2023
6rcb6qcm2 TicketsFebruary 16th, 2023
mnhj5s3w5 DiamondsFebruary 15th, 2023
pxphh2uu5 DiamondsFebruary 12th, 2023
s4cahdpq2 TicketsFebruary 9th, 2023
rg8ovey05 DiamondsFebruary 7th, 2023
m3kcvxmf5 DiamondsFebruary 5th, 2023
2dptvsad2 TicketsFebruary 2nd, 2023
eia3u6745 DiamondsFebruary 1st, 2023
0uyfa0q95 DiamondsJanuary 28th, 2023
303j9aah2 TicketsJanuary 26th, 2023
bzfq474w5 DiamondsJanuary 24th, 2023
t8ai39t75 DiamondsJanuary 21st, 2023
9aprc0uz2 TicketsJanuary 19th, 2023
9b5zmznd5 DiamondsJanuary 18th, 2023
r7edtq325 DiamondsJanuary 14th, 2023
8qas2fkn2 TicketsJanuary 12th, 2023
b0c7vgnc5 DiamondsJanuary 11th, 2023
kds7i3z25 DiamondsJanuary 8th, 2023
tpvremxf2 TicketsJanuary 5th, 2023
ewt0qywi5 DiamondsJanuary 4th, 2023
84qhw6y55 DiamondsJanuary 1st, 2023


CodeRewardRelease Date
2b2cce7y5 Diamonds9th February 2022
47ipfs0w2 Tickets7th February 2022
h5jk78pf5 Diamonds4th February 2022
bvyeaarz5 Diamonds1st February 2022
eaa87y382 Tickets30 September 2022
nowhgedx5 Diamonds29th September 2022
pucbmfxf5 Diamonds25th September 2022
brr35yye2 Tickets23rd September 2022
mo3nj4xg5 Diamonds21st September 2022
ek50xnd85 Diamonds19th September 2022
wyb2ovez2 Tickets15th September 2022
6w08ory65 Diamonds14th September 2022
3q2kcgig5 Diamonds11th September 2022
5770uk2r2 Tickets8th September 2022
7376xhw65 Diamonds7th September 2022
zm8mkbbn5 Diamonds4th September 2022
hh42ei0x5 Diamonds31st August 2022
7f3k9f9g2 Tickets29th August 2022
d06084mo5 Diamonds27th August 2022
4xhd6a5x2 Tickets25th August 2022
jts4pz9o5 Diamonds24th August 2022
7fu05rk45 Diamonds21st August 2022
24ve562q2 Tickets19th August 2022
6y6rpe585 Diamonds18th August 2022
3qi9ryh45 Diamonds15th August 2022
ugaddrsp2 Tickets12th August 2022
xt0yidy85 Diamonds11th August 2022
p0653s2w5 Diamonds9th August 2022
y5z9xnp92 Tickets5th August 2022
vwoxktv5 Diamonds4th August 2022
5yhqbmjd5 Diamonds31st July 2022
io8ydgcu5 Diamonds29th July 2022
x488q90m5 Diamonds27th July 2022
n963r6ks5 Diamonds25th July 2022
y2zfiin52 Tickets21st July 2022
jnc98jyx5 Diamonds20 July 2022
hvatp9dw5 Diamonds18th July 2022
14juillet20227 Diamonds16th July 2022
CodeRewardRelease Date
m7ccoitn5 Diamonds20 June 2022
dmijaj6o2 Tickets16 June 2022
mk5cyrn75 Diamonds14 June 2022
m6m4x8n55 Diamonds12 June 2022
cmhi0hoo2 Tickets9 June 2022
f8ubesgm5 Diamonds8 June 2022
ociiqww75 Diamonds5 June 2022
kdpkbkhx2 Tickets2 June 2022
n6y22cb35 Diamonds1 June 2022
097hqknq5 Diamonds29 May 2022
a3kncmuv5 Diamonds26 May 2022
kwrqjbcp2 Tickets25 May 2022
uuk6fgto5 Diamonds22 May 2022
pqoknckj2 Tickets19 May 2022
zcuqfaz85 Diamonds18 May 2022
viep8te75 Diamonds15 May 2022
8ihc9x9h2 Tickets12 May 2022
cuhvieaw5 Diamonds11 May 2022
9мая202220 Diamonds9 May 2022
y6wv2poa5 Diamonds8 May 2022
ak8yfprj2 Tickets5 May 2022
efzvw4c65 Diamonds4 May 2022
53tr8uri5 Diamonds1 May 2022
zzon33f02 Tickets28 April 2022
nqu6uss75 Diamonds27 April 2022
993k9uqe5 Diamonds24 April 2022
qabbtf0n2 Tickets21 April 2022
vg02rh7t5 Diamonds20 April 2022
qgnomdir2 Tickets17 April 2022
aid4ivcf5 Diamonds14 April 2022
g33dok0r5 Diamonds12 April 2022

Expire Code Of Chapters Redemption 2022

Here is the list of all expired Chapters Redemption Codes that are of no use but it’s important to mention here for informational purposes.

m28g93w82 Tickets
wafh0rki5 Diamonds
6fwie5uy5 Diamonds
april11 Diamond
23h77xhi2 Tickets
pon40s8g5 Diamonds
s0f4t0cd5 Diamonds
monvoisinfauteurdetroubles (French)10 Diamonds
a6mx8p3k2 Tickets
mf7txs4d5 Diamonds
камушки20 Diamonds
u6ka65nr2 Tickets
4getp87e5 Diamonds
hvndm09x5 Diamonds
4ei2xrfe2 Tickets
ctv59sqr5 Diamonds
gmxi6f875 Diamonds
88f7vxnf2 Tickets
bik0pixh5 Diamonds
9g6rsw9i5 Diamonds
5nmaxirw2 Tickets
ept6xgi75 Diamonds
valentine202210 Diamonds
b9wg4psz5 Diamonds
wogew6sp2 Tickets
enwphdbj5 Diamonds
wdmb4j8j5 Diamonds
qyf9i7cp2 Tickets
b2agyhhr5 Diamonds

Expire Chapters Redemption Codes List – 2

Table 1: Diamonds

UsernameNumber of Diamonds

Table 2: Tickets

UsernameNumber of Tickets

How Do I Redeem a Chapters Gift Card?

Redemption Codes for Chapters are utilised in-game. The preceding working codes may be copied and then pasted into the game’s redemption interface. and use the code for something. When the code is not redeemed properly. It’s no sweat, because we’ll tell you all you need to know to cash in on your Chapters Redemption Codes for Chapters Interactive Stories. Using the instructions provided, you can get at the codes.

Launch the mobile app for Chapters: Interactive Stories.

  • The present symbol may be accessed by clicking on it. The symbol is situated in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • In order to redeem a coupon code, just click the present symbol.
  • Copy this Chapters Redemption Code and paste it into the box provided.
  • When you’re ready, use the “Redeem” button after putting in the code.
  • It only takes time for the code to be redeemed.
  • If an issue occurs, please double-check the code against our database.
  • Where Can I Find Additional Chapter Redemption Codes?
  • You may subscribe to’s update notifications to learn of any new redemption codes for the newest chapters when they become available in 2022. Following ChaptersGame’s official Twitter account is a great way to get updates on when new codes become available if you’re an avid Twitter user.

Diamonds and tickets are also available for purchase if you’re willing to put some money into the game. Choose to purchase diamonds and tickets with cash or a redemption code, the choice is yours.

Chapters Game Wiki Chapters Interactive Stories

Chapters As an adult-oriented game, Interactive Stories Game has explicit sexual content and passionate love stories. Therefore, it’s clear that children should not play this game. Chapters: The player assumes the role of a character in Interactive Stories Game, a kind of role-playing game. No matter what happens to your character, you will have to deal with it. You’ll identify with this sentiment.

Just exactly is going on, and where did things go wrong? Since you are taking on a role in the game, you will undoubtedly encounter this phenomenon as you go through the game. Chapters: Interactive Stories Game allows players to create their own characters. Characters may have their hairstyles, makeup, and wardrobes customised to your liking, and you can redeem vouchers for more chapters in the shop.

Now that we’ve covered the protagonist and their wardrobe, we can go on to the rest of the game’s content. When you first start the game, you’ll be prompted to choose a tale to follow. It’s up to you to choose one of the available stories to read. Included are tales of love, fantasy, adventure, romance, and YA. Choose a tale and get on with the game. No matter the narrative you choose with, the game mechanics will mirror that.

Playing the game will allow you to experience a variety of narratives and situations. Playing the game will need you to make choices and decisions. And remember, all of this will keep you in the game.

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Chapters Interactive Stories Game Information

Game NameChapters: Interactive Stories
Publisher Crazy Maple Studio
Genre Simulation Game
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Release Date13 Oct. 2017

Using the Diamonds Chapter Code

Chapter-based, optionally interactive short stories The two most crucial resources in the game are Tickets and Chapters’ codes for gems. The goal of these two prizes is to be maximised in games with chapter advancement. But if you want them, you’ll have to focus harder on the game.

Before you may earn diamonds and tickets, you must complete more tales and classes. Additionally, redemption coupons may be used to get diamonds and tickets to events. where it is easy to find gems.

Codes for Redemption in Chapter 2023

Discover Chapters Redemption Codes without spending a lot of time looking. You can discover the redemption code 2022 using our article. We have compiled a collection of newly published codes to assist you in getting diamonds and tickets in the game.

Chapters Redemption Codes FAQs

Where Can I Look for Redemption Codes for Chapters Interactive Stories?

Redemption codes are available on our site. All current and up-to-date vouchers are listed here.

When I click on Chapters Interactive Stories, what do I find?

Stories in the categories of Young Adult, Love, Romance, and Fantasy may be found in Chapters Interactive Stories.

Is it possible to use Chapters redemption tickets to get diamonds?

If you have a Chapters Interactive Stories redemption code, you may use it to acquire a diamond.

Where can I learn the secret to unlocking free gems in each chapter?

This thread contains information on how to get free diamonds for use on chapters. The complete list of redeemable chapter codes was detailed here.

When reading interactive chapters, how can I get free diamonds?

You may use free redemption codes and also update with current gift codes to gain free diamonds on chapters interactive tales.


We hope that the information and redemption codes provided in this article regarding the Chapters Interactive Stories game will be helpful to our friends.
New vouchers are on the way from us.

Please subscribe to In which you may find out promptly about fresh and active codes and get diamonds by redeeming them. New Chapters Redemption Codes will be added to this page shortly.

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