Buffalo Exchange: Buy, sell, or Exchange clothes on the Spot

Buffalo Exchange is a privately owned, family-operated secondhand store that buys and sells old apparel.
The firm has 50 locations in 19 states and is based in Tucson, Arizona, where Kerstin Block founded her first store in 1974.

Customers may purchase secondhand clothing and exchange in their own. A professional buyer calculates a trade-worth, in’s and the consumer might get a portion in cash or shop credit. Customers may swap 50% for shop credit or 30% for cash on the spot.

Buffalo Exchange: How to Sell?

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a buy, sell, trade business that buys garments from the local community.
We purchase from open to shut every day; no appointment needed.
ID required. You’ll need a driver’s licence or passport. (Or bring a valid ID if you’re under 18).
No need to wait! You’ll get 25% of our selling price in cash or 50% in store credit when you sell.
Clothing sells best for store credit (trade). Every day is a treasure hunt since we obtain fresh goods. Use your trade to buy new, unusual, and sustainable goods from Buffalo Exchange.

Top Selling Advice

Verify Condition:

Check your clothing one final time before selling them to Buffalo Exchange. We purchase clean, good-condition apparel for our racks.

Keep an open mind:

If you’re unsure whether to bring anything, pack it. Instead of selling on hanging, fold your things.

Pose queries:

As your customer browses, ask questions. They’ll tell you what’s selling and how much each item costs.

Buffalo Exchange: Locations

Visit a local Buffalo Exchange to buy, sell, and trade! There are around 40 of our sites in the US. For shop information and more details on selling your closet cleanout, visit Buffalo in your area by clicking through!

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