Brumachen Net Worth 2024: Brumachen after shark tank

Brumachen net worth 2024: Brumachen is a company that sells biodegradable coffee pods and single-serve coffee makers that can be taken with you. Ross Smith and Kweku Larbi started the business.

On Season 12 Episode 11 of the Shark Tank show, the two investors were shown. They told the investors about their business idea in the hopes of getting a deal for $1,000,000 in exchange for 10% of the company.

Unfortunately, the sharks didn’t think they were good enough, so they didn’t offer them a deal. But what happened to the Brumachen company after they were on Shark Tank?

Brumachen net worth 2022

Brumachen net worth 2024

Brumachen Shark Tank EpisodeSeason 12 Episode 11
Business TypeSingle Serve Portable Coffee Brewer And Biodegradable Coffee Pods
OwnersKweku Larbi And Ross Smith
Asked For On Shark Tank$1,000,000 For 10%
Offer Accepted On Shark TankNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business
Net Worth$400 K

How does Brumachen work?

Brumachen has a portable coffee brewer called the Brumachen. This coffee maker produces a cup of hot brew at a temperature ideal for 190 degrees Fahrenheit using a K Cup or refillable pod in only five minutes. The coffee maker can be used with either an ordinary household outlet, or the 12-volt socket found in cars.

This device is popular because it allows you to make coffee anywhere. This is much more affordable than buying coffee.

Brumachen’s Owner & Co-Owner

Kweku Larba came up with the idea for Brumachen and designed it. He created the first 3D model that can make tea and coffee anywhere. The Cleveland State University awarded him a Civil Engineering degree.

Smith became a partner in the company because he believed so strongly in Kweku. The two share a love of coffee and so hacked together a Brumachen in order to make portable brews.

Co-owner of Brumachen and TikTok sensation with over 21.8 million followers is Ross Smith. To his YouTube channel, he often posts clips of himself and his grandma dressed up in ridiculous costumes.

Smith joined the business because he was so convinced of the merits of Kweku’s offering. They share a passion for coffee, so they hacked together a Brumachen to make their own portable brews.

Brumachen: Shark Tank Appearance

Even though their Kickstarter campaign did very well, the founders had trouble making and shipping the products. So, in 2021, they asked the Sharks for help. In season 12 of the show, they asked for $1 million in exchange for 10% of their business.

Ross and Kweku gave a confident pitch in which they explained why they wanted to make the product. They went on to say that Brumachen had a 60% profit margin. But things went bad when they told everyone how little money they made from sales.

A business that only made $41,000 in sales was worth $10 million, which was way too much. The Sharks liked the product, but Mark and Robert thought the design could be better. If Kweku had been by himself and had a good price, the pitch would have gone better.

What happened with Brumachen after shark tank appearance?

Although the entrepreneurs did not receive the funding they sought on Shark Tank, they were able to keep their company afloat because to the widespread publicity they received.

You can only buy a Brumachen brewer and pods directly from However, many potential customers are wary because of the abundance of bad feedback posted on their Kickstarter page. There have been reports of broken goods and orders that never arrived from certain consumers.

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