Bloxburg Update Released 0.11.1 (2024)

Roblox Bloxburg Update Released 0.11.1 has released an update on November 12th 2022. In this patch, you’ll find that various updates & bug fixes have been implemented into your experience, providing solutions for any troubles you might be having while also opening up new opportunities within the game itself.

Bloxburg Update Released 0.11.1

Future Updates

In this section, we will give a preview of what to expect in future versions of Welcome to Bloxburg. These changes may not appear instantly but plans call for them to happen eventually.

Latest Bloxburg Release: 0.11.1

  • Update – Updated chat interface.
  • New – Added ability to change pillows on sofas, armchairs & beds.
  • New – Added decorative pillows & blankets.
  • New – Added rest interaction to sofas & beds.
  • New – Added ability to place objects on beds with Advanced Placing.
  • Fix – Major bug fixes.
  • New – Added new shower & bathtub variations.
  • New – Added ability to open & close shower doors.
  • New – Added decorative pillows & blankets.
  • New – Added rest interaction to sofas & beds.
  • New – Added Transform tool.
  • New – Added transitional sectional sofa.

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You should now have all the latest details on patch notes & enhancements. Visit the Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg page to try out the latest version.

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