Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse

Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836: We’re still buzzing from last Friday’s announcement and excited fans have been eagerly exploring all that they can from materials already provided for Victoria 3 Maps.

About Victoria 3 Maps

Victoria 3, developed by Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive, is an epic grand strategy video game. Released on October 25, 2022, Victoria 3 serves as a sequel to Victoria II released back in 2010.

Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse

Victoria 3 allows players to lead one of more than 100 distinct nations that existed between 1836 and 1936. Without further delay, let’s dive in with this Victoria 3 Maps Walkthrough!

Victoria 3 Maps – Best Maps

Recent global map pictures posted to Victoria 3’s Steam page depict the game’s world. While no names are given due to its dense coverage, familiar players of Victoria II would undoubtedly recognize key figures from Victoria 3.

Future releases of Victoria 3 maps with more precise names are planned; these will give us the ability to provide you with additional information and provide higher-quality maps.

CountryAmount of GoldGold Resource
Alaska12Gold Field
Yukon Territory12Gold Field
British Columbia8Gold Field
South Dakota8Gold Field
Colorado8Gold Field
Arizona5Gold Field
Nevada15Gold Field
California12Gold Field 
Sonora6Gold Field
Zacatecas4Gold Field
Guerrero3Gold Field
Oaxaca2Gold Field
Guayana12Gold Field 
Cajamarca4Gold Field
Minas Gerais8Gold Field
Araucanía4Gold Field
Northern Cape, Tswana Northern Cape, Griqualand8Gold Field
Vrystaat16Gold Field
Transvaal12Gold Field
New Zealand (Ngati Toa South Island, Ngati Toa, New South Welsh North Island, South Island, North Island)10Gold Field
Van Dieman’s Land6Gold Field
Victoria6Gold Field
New South Wales12Gold Field
Western Australia8Gold Field
Brunei8Gold Field
Indonesia (Pontianak, Sintang, Dutch East Indies West Borneo, Lanfang, Sambas)6Gold Field
Hokkaido (Japanese Hokkaido, Ainu Mosir)8Gold Field
Outer Manchuria8Gold Field
Chukotka4Gold Field
Yakutsk8Gold Field
Bajio4Gold Mine
Lima6Gold Mine
La Paz4Gold Mine
Potosi4Gold Mine
Santiago5Gold Mine
Tucuman3Gold Mine
Minas Gerais2Gold Mine 
Asturias4Gold Mine
Tyrol2Gold Mine
Mysore4Gold Mine
Victoria 3 Maps World in 1836 GDP Map Timelapse
  • White – Decentralised nation
  • Coloured – Centralised nation

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Victoria 3 Gold Map

Gold in Victoria 3 is an irreplaceable resource, used to craft luxury items; more prosperous countries thus desire it as rising demand from wealthy populations drives up its price.

Gold does not appear out of thin air; to acquire it you will either need to purchase resources from other nations with already abundant sources or establish trade routes that lead to countries who already possess their own supply. Both gold mines and fields may exist within a game’s settings – though fields tend to provide significantly more currency.

Victoria 3 Gold Map

Finding gold mines takes longer, as most gold fields become mines after their resources have been mined out of game.

Victoria 3 Oil Map

Although not every country starts the Victoria 3 game with access or knowledge to extract oil, oil becomes an integral component of production as nations advance technologically.

If you want to remain competitive against other superpowers in the game world, trading oil won’t do.

Below you’ll find both a map and table displaying the game’s actual oil resources, as well as details regarding all nations and their total undiscovered reserves.

Here is a table of Victoria 3 countries with oil

Here is a table of Victoria 3 countries with oil

CountryAmount of Oil 
East Borneo60
Rio Grande50
Trucial Coast40
West Galicia36
La Paz30
Libyan Desert30
Santa Cruz30
East Java20


Hopefuly, this Victoria 3 Maps Guide was helpful. All Victoria 3 Game maps are detailed here for your ease.

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