8 Best Ranged Weapons In Baldur Gate 3

8 Best Ranged Weapons In Baldur Gate 3: Ranged weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be an indispensable and flexible ally, helping you take down enemies at distance while remaining protected yourself. There is an assortment of ranged weapons to choose from within the game; each offering its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

8 Best Ranged Weapons Baldur’s Gate 3 Bg3

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top ranged weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 taking into consideration their damage output, special abilities and overall utility.

1. Gontr Mael

Gontr Mael is an legendary longbow that deals both piercing and thunderous damage, as well as the possibility to stun enemies on impact – making it ideal for crowd control and providing you with an edge in combat. Additionally, this bow comes equipped with free casting of Celestial Haste spell that could provide significant advantages during battle.

Best Ranged Weapons Baldurs Gate 3 Bg3

2. Hellfire Hand Crossbow

The Hellfire Hand Crossbow is a +2 hand crossbow designed to inflict Burning damage upon targets while hidden or invincible, which can be especially effective against enemies with low fire resistance. Furthermore, this weapon provides free casting of Scorching Ray spell – which provides additional fire damage.

Best Ranged Weapons Baldurs Gate 3 Bg3

3. Sharran Crossbow

The Sharran Crossbow is an extremely light +1 crossbow equipped with Piercing Shot ability that enables users to weaken foes by opening Gaping Wounds that increase vulnerability for damage output. Ideal for players seeking consistent ranged damage output.

Best Ranged Weapons Baldurs Gate 3 Bg3

4. Spellthief

The Spellthief bow is an unique magical bow which allows its wielder to cast spells as part of his attack action, adding powerful spell effects while doing ranged damage. Additionally, this magical weapon comes equipped with its Brace (Ranged) ability for greater advantages on Damage Rolls while remaining immobile – giving this magical bow an edge against its foes!

Best Ranged Weapons Baldurs Gate 3 Bg3

5. Joltshooter

The Joltshooter is a heavy crossbow equipped with Shocking Shot ability that enables lightning damage against targets on contact as well as shocking them on hit – perfect for crowd control purposes while providing ranged damage.

Best Ranged Weapons Baldurs Gate 3 Bg3

6. Blightbringer

The Blightbringer is a +2 heavy crossbow equipped with Necrotic Shot ability that enables players to deliver necrotic damage against targets while debuffing them using Poisoned condition. Ideal for players seeking ranged damage with debuffs.

8 Best Ranged Weapons In Baldur Gate 3

7. Nyrulna

Nyrulna is an attractive longbow that comes equipped with the Radiating Shot ability, providing users with an effective means of dealing radiant damage while blinding targets upon impact. Perfect for players wanting both ranged damage and crowd control!

8 Best Ranged Weapons In Baldur Gate 3

8. Hellfire Engine Crossbow

The Hellfire Engine Crossbow is an innovative ranged weapon capable of dealing fire damage in a cone pattern. Additionally, this weapon may ignite the ground beneath enemies who stand upon it, potentially inflicting more harm to those standing upon it than expected. Ideal for players wanting to deal damage quickly to multiple enemies simultaneously.

8 Best Ranged Weapons In Baldur Gate 3

Final Words

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers many amazing ranged weapons. When selecting one for yourself and your character, take into consideration their playstyle as well as desired build. There’s sure to be something just perfect out there somewhere! With such variety at your fingertips you are bound to find what fits right!

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