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Battlefront 3: Is Battlefront 3 confirmed?

Battlefront 3: With EA looking towards other Star Wars franchises, EA may soon move away from Star Wars Battlefront altogether. DICE recently took steps to withdraw support for Star Wars Battlefront 2 leaving Respawn with various Star Wars projects underway but without support for Battlefront 3. Regardless, its time may have come for Respawn to create another Battlefront title as EA expands their Star Wars portfolio further afield.

However no signs are showing that Star Wars Battlefront series will return any time soon. While new video game franchises based off Star Wars IP should certainly be welcomed with open arms, Battlefront remains one of the key series and should continue as planned.

Star Wars Battlefront 3

Now that Star Wars has hit full stride we should expect some significant gaming announcements at Star Wars Celebration later this month. Rumors circulating are of an announcement of Battlefront 3 alongside more information regarding Respawn Entertainment Fallen Order 2 game don’t get your hopes too high yet though; don’t set too many expectations just yet!

Battlefront 3

Jeff Grubb of industry insider site Game Informer said when asked whether Respawn was working on an undeclared Battlefront that we wouldn’t see at Star Wars Celebration: he answered in the negative and simply stated “absolutely not.” As per April figures from Respawn themselves there were three Star Wars titles in development by them alone with two first-person shooters and one strategy game all under development simultaneously.

There was mixed response to DICE’s news; many wanted Battlefront 3, but not necessarily from them. One critic remarked, “I want Battlefront 3, but not Dice’s reboot!” Another fan said they are keen on receiving another reinstall as DICE Battlefront II was their previous outing – in any event these reports have since been disproven by EA themselves. Rumours initially circulated last year stating EA cancelled Battlefront 3 due to how poorly performing Battlefield 2042 performed but these claims have now been disproven by them as EA have since confirmed them by providing new details from them regarding Battlefront 3.

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Battlefront II ignited the microtransaction controversy, leaving EA open to attacks from multiple quarters. Battlefront-like Squadrons have met with mixed results since, hinting that this genre may soon reach its conclusion.

Games remain faithful to their source material, though Battlefront II’s Iden Versio could easily make an appearance in a Disney+ program. We weren’t really drawn in by single-player storyline when purchasing Battlefront.

EA used to have exclusive rights over Star Wars crystals, but now their license has been licensed across several parties. While Ubisoft is developing an open world Star Wars game and Quantic Dream are developing Star Wars Eclipse; EA still maintains high hopes that Fallen Order 2 will succeed and we look forward to its inevitable success!

EA no longer reigns supreme as they once did and Battlefront 3 may exist, though its release could be put off until their loot box war dissipates some.

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