Battlefront 3: Is Battlefront 3 confirmed?

Battlefront 3: As EA moves on to new Star Wars franchises, the age of Star Wars Battlefront may be coming to an end. Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Battlefield series support has been withdrawn by DICE. While numerous Star Wars projects are in the works at Respawn, Battlefront 3 is unlikely to be one of them.

However, there is currently no sign that the Star Wars Battlefront series will continue in the near future. Even though new video game franchises based on the Star Wars IP are welcomed, Battlefront has become a key Star Wars franchise and should not be placed on hold.

Star Wars Battlefront 3

Now that Star Wars is in full swing, we can probably expect some significant gaming announcements at this month’s Star Wars Celebration. An announcement of Battlefront 3 has been rumoured alongside a deeper look at Fallen Order 2 from Respawn Entertainment. Don’t get your expectations up too high just yet.

Battlefront 3

When asked if Respawn was working on a hidden Battlefront, industry insider Jeff Grubb simply said, “absolutely not,” when asked why we won’t see Battlefront 3 at Star Wars Celebration. There were three Star Wars games in development by Respawn solely in February, two of which were first-person shooters and one strategy game.

There was a mixed reaction to the news. Battlefront is clearly wanted, but not necessarily from DICE. “I want Battlefront 3, but as a sequel to the pandemic games, not Dice’s reboot,” commented one critic. In addition, “I’m down for another reinstall.” It’s better than DICE Battlefront II, which was the last one ever released. ” Last year, there were rumours that EA cancelled Battlefront 3 because of how poorly Battlefield 2042 did, but those claims have since been proven false.

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The microtransaction controversy was sparked by Battlefront II, which shook the industry and left EA vulnerable to attacks from all sides. Battlefront-like Squadrons have had mixed success since then, hinting that this genre may be nearing its end.

The games have always been loyal to the original material, whereas Battlefront II’s Iden Versio was a fantastic creation that we could envision cropping up in a Disney+ programme. ‘ Then again, we weren’t really interested in the single-player storyline when we bought Battlefront.

In the past, EA had access to the kyber crystals, but now the Star Wars licence is spread across the galaxy. With Ubisoft working on an open-world Star Wars game and Quantic Dream pushing on with Star Wars Eclipse, we still have high hopes for the inevitable success of EA’s Fallen Order 2.

However, EA is no longer the Sith dictator it once was. Battlefront 3 may exist, but it’s probably stranded on Ahch-To until EA’s loot box war reverberations quiet down a bit more.

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