Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs, the Top 7 Character Arcs

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: These Attack on Titan characters have the most intriguing storylines. Attack On Titan has gigantic monsters, heroic protagonists, and some of the most startling anime twists. The series’ well-written, realistic, and engaging characters were what viewers enjoyed most. Even AOT’s lesser characters had great backstories, but a handful had fan-favorite arcs.
Attack On Titan’s designers weren’t hesitant to convert heroes into villains or villains into friends and heroes. Fans could identify to some of AOT’s most horrific crimes since each character had their own worldview. This programme has some of the most brilliant and manipulative anime heroes and terrible villains with thought-provoking actions and goals. These characters’ travels affected both the show’s characters and viewers’ worldviews.

7. Sasha Braus

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Sasha Braus was a fan-favorite Attack On Titan character with a great journey. Sasha became one of the Survey Corps of Paradies’ toughest and strongest fighters despite hailing from a tiny town with little training or knowledge of fighting. Sasha first slacked off in training and tried to disguise her background.

She changed and took herself and her training more seriously. Sasha was a brave soldier who helped everyone, even though she never killed a Titan. Her death was one of anime’s saddest and scariest, proving that no character is safe in Attack On Titan’s brutal universe.

6. Armin Arlert

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Attack on Titan fans saw Armin Arlert grow into one of the series’ most beloved heroes. The most renowned Armin remarks still inspire AOT fans.
Armin, a Shiganshina exile, became one of AOT’s best strategists, whose preparations were important in many Titan engagements. Armin went experienced some of the most tragic moments in the series and died considerably sooner as a Titan shifter.

5. Hange Zoe

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: The Titans’ tragic and deadly conflict affected Hange Zoe the most. She was AOT’s “Mad Scientist” because of her intensity and intelligence.

She utilised her intelligence and Titan devotion to help her friends and all mankind. Her death was one of AOT’s saddest. Due to her unique attitude, Attack on Titan’s fan-favorite heroine has a fascinating character journey.

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs
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4. Annie Leonhart

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: The series’ twistiest character arc was Annie Leonhart’s. The Female Titan’s revelation startled Attack On Titan fans. Annie’s early training made her one of the series’ best fighters.
Due to her father’s indoctrination, she joined the Military Police Brigade at a young age with distorted ideas. Annie was one of the warriors’ most powerful and distinctive Titans. Annie became AOT’s most unlikely and crucial ally.

3. Mikasa Ackerman

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Attack on Titan’s strongest and most intriguing woman was Mikasa Ackerman. She was the lone survivor of the Asian tribe and had to defend herself against Titans and kidnappers.

Mikasa was a strong warrior, yet her biggest blunders led to AOT’s worst days. She was a diligent soldier who constantly improved her abilities and treated others with respect. She was one of the most significant people who couldn’t become a Titan and had to make some of the series’ toughest choices.

2. Eren Jaeger

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Attack on Titan’s most shocking and dark figure was Eren Jaeger. One of the series’ bravest heroes became the most powerful and terrifying Titan ever. Fans understood his acts, but they didn’t explain Eren’s countless deaths and horrific crimes.
He protected all Paradisians, particularly his family. Eren hated Titans the most, hence his transition in AOT was one of the most stunning and dramatic moments in anime history.

1. Levi Ackerman

Attack on Titan Best Character Arcs: Captain Levi Ackerman was Attack on Titan’s greatest hero and toughest combatant, killing the most Titans. He also has a tragic backstory. His history caused lifelong sleeplessness and obsession.

Levi’s unique style of thinking and deadpan humour made him one of the strongest and most intellectual characters in AOT. Levi was one of the most intriguing characters, and viewers learned more about him and his genealogy as the seasons went on.

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