Ashika Island Dead Drop Locations In DMZ

Ashika Island Dead Drop Locations: To complete the various Faction missions in Call of Duty DMZ, players are required to perform different tasks. These include using keys to unlock doors and boxes to retrieve specific items, as well as collecting and utilizing various objects throughout DMZ.

Among these tasks, depositing an item into a dead drop is one of the most common ones in DMZ. A dead drop is a location on either Al Mazrah or Ashika Island that serves as a checkpoint or verifies that you have acquired the necessary items for the mission. However, not all dead drop locations are easy to locate, such as the Ashika Island Residential Dead Drop in DMZ.

To help you avoid spending countless hours searching for it, the exact location of the Ashika Island Residential Dead Drop is provided below.

Ashika Island Dead Drop Locations

All Ashika Island Dead Drop Locations

Dead drops can be found throughout the map, except in the northwest region. While some locations can be dangerous and must be avoided at all costs, one spot in particular stands out and should be remembered later on. Here is where you can locate these deaddrops

  • Residentials
  • Towncenter
  • Beach Club
  • Port


The location of the dead drop is in a sparsely-populated area, making it fairly accessible; however, players must proceed with caution when approaching it. According to its map location in northern part of Stronghold, it serves both mission purposes and reduce weapon insurance time.


The dead drop in this region is more concentrated than the residential area, but players can still maneuver through the many buildings to access it covertly. This location serves multiple missions and can also help reduce weapon cooldown times.

Beach Club

Ashika Island recently unveiled another dead drop near Beach Club that players can reach by boat or swimming from nearby tower. For ease of access, players may use either option depending on your mode of transport.


To reach the dead drop near the port, players should head underground in a tunnel near the port and look for its drop at the end of right side tunnel. When in Port, players can see a red bridge; to access its underground tunnel leading directly to this dead drop and crown intel they should head beneath it and head down below bridge where there will be another underground tunnel that leads directly there – you should see red circle below in image as this spot can only be reached underground!

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Ashika Island Dead Drop Locations: Video Guide


All of the new deaddrop locations in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2 are listed here. If this guide was helpful check out our website for more guides and stories about Warzone and other games.

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