61 Samsung smartphones may be prohibited in Russia. Banned

61 Samsung smartphones Banned: What patents are they talking about, you ask? SQWIN SA claims that Samsung Pay is a payment system that uses NFC. The system is based on its electronic payment system. It also claims that Samsung Pay is a South Korean company that infringed its rights to developing and developing the Electronic Payments System, protected by a Russian patent. Samsung Pay was introduced in 2015, and operations began one year later. The system was not successful. However, Victor Gulchenko, a Russian inventor, applied for a patent on the same electronic payment system in 2013. The patent was granted the patent in May of 2019 and later granted SQWIN SA. SQWIN SA.

61 Samsung smartphones may be prohibited in Russia. Banned

61 Samsung smartphones may be prohibited in Russia. Banned

Samsung has filed an appeal against the decision, and the court’s decision is not yet binding. Therefore Samsung is not yet bound by the ruling, so the Korean brand isn’t legally bound to restrict the selling and import of its handsets at present. There is no information on the exact models subject to the ban; however, considering that the affected models are 61 and that all new Samsung smartphones are equipped with its mobile payment feature, it is likely that all new models will be affected by the ban.

Based on Counterpoint Research, Samsung Pay is the third most-used payment method that is not a contactless one in Russia and accounts for 17.5% of all transactions, behind Google Pay (32 per cent) and Apple Pay (30 per cent). It is yet to be determined if the justice system will also hold Apple and Google accountable and block their respective payment platforms shortly.

Last year, Samsung lost its position as the top smartphone manufacturer in its Russian phone market to Xiaomi.

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