2K Support Provides An Update On Lost Saves And VC 2024

2K support has replied to an initial post concerning the loss of saved games and wasted VC. Below, you May see their revised answer.

  • File a ticket with 2K Support. Just one… Numerous things will simply make things slower for you.
  • This appears to be Xbox specific and occurs usually in the neighborhood while having made a purchase at the store or getting a haircut.
  • In your ticket, please offer as much detail as you can about what you were doing shortly before the crash, where you were, and whether you played in The Prelude anytime before this, etc. Answering all of those questions will assist significantly and speed up the process. If you have filed a ticket without these details, then follow-up on the same ticket with this info.

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2K Support Provides An Update On Lost Saves And VC 2024

2K Support Provides An Update On Lost Saves And VC 2024

If the procedure appears to be taking forever, there are a few reasons why, so stay tight.

  • They ARE lost and 2K is “recovering them” by replicating and cloning saves, which is a slow and tedious procedure.
  • Devs are also attempting to tackle the problem from all angles by trying to address the real issue.
  • There is also the suggestion of offering a reimbursement for lost VC even if the saves are not restored.
  • Meanwhile, it is strongly encouraged that all Xbox players remain off of MyCAREER and explore the other game modes. Non-Xbox gamers, you should be safe.

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2K apologizes for this situation and is working as hard as they can 24/7 to get this issue rectified.

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