Xbox how to change gamertag: Step wise process

Xbox How to change your Xbox Gamertag: Changing your Xbox Gamertag is a straightforward procedure that can help you get rid of an embarrassing, ten-year-old handle. So why not throw your old grunt hunter identity out the window and start over with a new name or a new tag that better matches you?

Within the Xbox Live ecosystem, your Xbox Gamertag is your unique online identity. When you play on an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S system, it appears on your Xbox account, your console, in-game, and pretty much everywhere else. While you can choose to use your real name instead of your gamertag when playing online, many people prefer to use this more anonymous pseudonym for obvious reasons.

You’ll preserve all of your achievements, personalized choices, friends, games, and apps if you change your Xbox Gamertag. You won’t have to do anything unusual to access your account, and you’ll be able to resume gaming immediately after making the adjustment.

xbox how to change gamertag
xbox how to change gamertag

You get one free gamertag change from Microsoft before you have to pay, so if you want to test something new without breaking the bank, you can.

However, how do you change your Xbox Gamertag? Following the instructions below, you’ll be proudly displaying your brand new identity to the rest of the globe in no time.

On Xbox systems, how do you alter your gamertag?

The Xbox One has been reset to factory settings. You can alter your Xbox Gamertag in a few different ways. You can do it either from your console or via the internet.

As previously stated, your first gamertag change will be free. You’ll still be eligible for your first change if you used a randomly generated gamertag provided by Microsoft when you signed up for Xbox Live. After that, any time you want to “reinvent yourself,” you’ll have to pay $9.99 or £7.99.

  • To change your Xbox Gamertag on your console, first open the guide by hitting the Xbox button on your controller. Then go to “Profile & System” and choose your gamertag from the drop-down menu. Choose “My profile” and then “Customize profile” from the drop-down menu. Once, select your gamertag.
  • Choose “Choose your new gamertag” and type in the new tag you want to use. Each gamertag must be at least 12 characters long, including spaces, and must not begin with a number. It probably goes without saying, but the name you choose should not be offensive or improper, and it must comply with Xbox Live’s acceptable content criteria, which you can discover on the official Xbox enforcement help sites.
  • Select “Check availability” after you’ve decided on a tag. If you see the message “That name isn’t available,” it means that the name you want isn’t accessible. Try another one, because your gamertag is either taken or contains possibly inappropriate content. Simply type in a new one and try again.
  • If you keep going and don’t get a notice, you’ll be able to see how your gamertag will appear when you connect to various Xbox services. You may also be given the option of using a gamertag that includes a “#” symbol and a series of numbers, allowing you to use whatever tag you choose, but with a specific unique identification that makes it fully yours.
  • Choose “Change Gamertag” when you’re ready to confirm your new Gamertag. That concludes our discussion. The transformation is noticeable right away. You can immediately resume using Xbox Live.

What is the best way to modify your Xbox Gamertag online?

The procedure is very similar if you want to alter your Gamertag online. Sign in with the Microsoft account linked with the Gamertag you want to modify on the official Xbox website.

When the text box displays once you’ve checked in, type in the new gamertag you want to use. Choose “Check availability” from the drop-down menu. Continue by pressing the “Next” button whenever you’re pleased. Review your gamertag on the next page to see how it will appear across the Xbox services you use frequently. Choose “Claim it” if you’re happy with it.

The procedure is now complete. On Xbox, have fun with your new online persona!

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