Xbox how to change gamertag: Step wise process

Xbox How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag: Resetting your Xbox Gamertag is a straightforward procedure that can help you shed an embarrassing, decade-old handle. So why not throw away that old identity and start over with something more suitable to yourself?

Within the Xbox Live ecosystem, your Xbox Gamertag is your unique online identity. When playing on Xbox One, Xbox Series X or S systems, it appears on both your Xbox account and console, in-game as well as elsewhere. While you have the option to use your real name instead of their gamertag when playing online, many people opt for this more anonymous pseudonym due to privacy concerns.

Your achievements, personalized choices, friends, games and apps will remain intact if you alter your Xbox Gamertag. There is no need for anything special in order to access your account; in fact, gaming can resume immediately after making the adjustment!

xbox how to change gamertag
xbox how to change gamertag

Microsoft gives you one free gamertag change before charging so if you want to try something new without breaking the bank now is your chance

How can you change your Xbox Gamertag? Following these simple step you’ll proudly display your new identity in no time!

On Xbox systems, how do you alter your gamertag?

The Xbox One has been reset to factory settings. You can customize your Gamertag in several ways either from within your console or online.

As previously stated your initial gamertag change will be free. You are still eligible if Microsoft provided you with a randomly generated gamertag when signing up for Xbox Live. Afterward any time you wish to “reinvent yourself,” you must pay either $9.99 or PS7.99 in fees.

  • To change your Xbox Gamertag on your console first open the guide by hitting the Xbox button on your controller. Select your gamertag from the Profile & System dropdown. Choose My profile and then Customize profile from the drop down menu. Once select your gamertag.
  • Select Enter your new gamertag. Each tag must be 12 characters (including spaces) and cannot start with a number. The name must be appropriate and fulfil Xbox Live’s permissible content guidelines.
  • If you see the message That name isn’t available it means that the name you want isn’t accessible.
  • As you continue without receiving any notifications, you’ll get a preview of your gamertag’s appearance when connecting to different Xbox services. Additionally you may have the opportunity to use a gamertag that incorporates a “#” symbol and a sequence of numbers. This enables you to select any tag you prefer while also having a distinct and exclusive identifier that belongs solely to you.
  • Choose Change Gamertag when you’re ready to confirm your new Gamertag. That concludes our discussion. The transformation is noticeable right away. You can immediately resume using Xbox Live.

What is the best way to modify your Xbox Gamertag online?

The procedure is very similar if you want to alter your Gamertag online. Sign in with the Microsoft account linked with the Gamertag you want to modify on the official Xbox website.

After you finish checking in a text box will appear where you can enter your desired gamertag. Select “Check availability” from the drop-down menu and click on “Next.” On this next page, review your chosen gamertag to make sure it displays properly on Xbox services you regularly access. Once satisfied with its chosen position, select “Claim it” to finalize the process.

The procedure is now complete. On Xbox, have fun with your new online persona!

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