WOTV Tier List (War of the Vision) April 2024

War of the Visions Tier List: War of the Visions is an RPG inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics that allows users to control various units on an open grid battlefield to achieve different goals in this game.

All UR troops in War of the Visions are ranked from greatest to least on a War of the Visions Tier List based on factors including numbers, skills and battlefield utility of each unit in War of the Visions. Each has different advantages and disadvantages when selecting units to play as, making each of these tactical role-playing games highly reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics series of games; to complete your goals successfully in this one too you will be in command of multiple units on an grid-based battlefield.

All UR troops in War of the Visions are organized onto the Tier List from greatest to worst. This ranking takes into account factors like troop number, skillset and battlefield utility for each unit – there’s plenty to choose from; each has specific advantages and drawbacks that need to be considered when picking your ideal troops for battle.

Tier lists in video games rank troops according to how well they perform in battle, making character selection simpler and quicker. Units from FFBE War of the Visions will also feature on such lists; their ranks will reflect power rankings.

WOTV Tier List

WOTV Tier List (April 2024)

Many players consult tier lists to guide them when choosing who to include in their party. This is particularly true in War of the Visions, when the size of your group might determine whether you win or lose.

  • Based on the current meta, this WOTV tier list may change in the future. It has a lot of benefits, including:
  • assisting players in selecting the ideal UR unit for their squad.
  • highlighting the equipment that is worth investing in and improving.
  • Bringing to light undervalued units
  • It might improve players’ understanding of the game.
  • It teaches gamers how to deal with opposing units.
  • This demonstrates each unit’s potential.

War of the Visions offers four Tier List levels to rank cards: S, A, B, C and D. They’re organized based on how effective each card is within current metas – so let’s jump right in!

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The S Tier List for War of the Visions

S-tier units are highly beneficial on the battlefield and possess strong stats and talents that any army requires for maximum effectiveness on the battlefield. As these are considered amongst the top units available to War of the Visions players, look no further than this category for optimal UR units!

  1. Celes – UR
  2. Noctis – UR
  3. Oberon Heindler – UR
  4. Helena (Black-Robed Witch) – UR
  5. Jume – UR
  6. Yuna – UR
  7. Prompto – UR
  8. Cloud (FFVII) – UR
  9. Aranea – UR
  10. Locke – UR
  11. Tifa (FFVII) – UR
  12. Mont (King of Leonis) – UR
  13. Mont Leonis – MR
  14. Salire – MR
  15. Glaciela (Regalia) – UR
  16. Alstoria – UR
  17. Duane – UR
  18. Grace – UR
  19. Ranan – UR
  20. Starlight Elena – UR
  21. Golbez – UR
  22. Helena – UR
  23. Y’shtola – MR
  24. Goffard Gaffgarion – MR
  25. Salire (Valentine) – UR
  26. Elsirelle (Summer) – UR

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The A Tier List for War of the Visions (2024)

Characters in the top tiers are immensely strong and adaptable, handling almost any circumstance with relative ease. Although they might struggle against top-tier decks, playing one of these units may be your best shot at winning tournaments; each unit possesses numerous skills while holding few weaknesses.

  1. Charlotte – UR
  2. Zazan the Unkillable – UR
  3. Cetia – UR
  4. Rafale – UR
  5. 9S – UR
  6. Kitone – UR
  7. Moore – UR
  8. Tidus – UR
  9. Auron – UR
  10. Ibara – UR
  11. Joker – UR
  12. Fryevia – UR
  13. Macherie (Winter) – UR
  14. Viktora (Winter) – UR
  15. Glaciela (Dress Up) – UR
  16. Lara Croft – UR
  17. Phoebe – SR
  18. Gilgamesh – UR
  19. Sterne Leonis (Knight of Ruin) – UR
  20. 2B – UR
  21. Kilphe (Summer Swimsuit) – UR
  22. Jayden Rundall – UR
  23. Luartha (Winter) – UR
  24. Resnick – UR
  25. Cowell – UR
  26. Warrior of Light – UR
  27. Violet – UR
  28. Kilphe (Summer) – UR
  29. Rairyuu – MR
  30. Bellis – UR
  31. Ildyra – UR

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B Tier List for War of the Visions (2024)

B-tier characters are good choices, but they could run into some difficulties in certain matchups. With these characters, you can still triumph, but you’ll need to be selective about your opponents. If at all possible, stay away from these matchups.

  1. Queen – UR
  2. Kitone (Summer Swimsuit) – UR
  3. Rain – UR
  4. Lasswell – UR
  5. Helena Leonis – MR
  6. Lilyth (Summer Swimsuit)- UR
  7. Mediena – UR
  8. Vinera (Winter) – UR
  9. Whisper (Sasayaki) – UR
  10. Ramada – MR
  11. Grace – MR
  12. Frederika – UR
  13. Elsirelle – UR
  14. Velric – UR
  15. Lemuré – UR
  16. Kain – UR
  17. Little Leela (Halloween) – UR
  18. Glaciela Wezette – UR
  19. Viktora – UR
  20. Niv’Lu – UR
  21. Ayaka – UR
  22. Vinera Fennes – UR
  23. Robb Hourne – UR
  24. Sterne Leonis – UR
  25. Engelbert – UR
  26. Xiza – UR
  27. Schuzelt – MR
  28. Loreila – MR
  29. Adelard – MR
  30. Aerith – UR
  31. Seymore – MR
  32. Raviesse – MR
  33. Dario Hourne – MR
  34. Barret – UR
  35. Margritte – MR
  36. Nasha – MR
  37. Shadowlynx – MR
  38. Meriluke – MR
  39. Falm – UR
  40. Lameiga – UR
  41. Fina – MR
  42. Minwu – UR
  43. Valouch – UR
  44. Remure – UR
  45. Garvall – UR
  46. Muraga Fennes – UR
  47. Louelle – UR
  48. Owe – MR
  49. Sakura – UR
  50. Salire (Sweetheart) – UR
  51. Corwell – UR
  52. Camillo – UR
  53. Moore – UR
  54. Gargas – UR
  55. Velne – UR
  56. Lorenzo – MR
  57. Khury Wezette – MR
  58. Verlic – UR

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C Tier List for War of the Visions (2024)

Although they are not weak, C-tier characters are not as powerful as those in the other tiers. These units can be a suitable choice for you if you’re just starting off or looking to have some fun. You must be extremely selective about your opponents if you wish to succeed with these units.

  1. Kilphe – UR
  2. Cidolfus Orlandeau – UR
  3. Lu’cia – UR
  4. Kitone (Summer) – UR
  5. Oelde Leonis – UR
  6. Yerma – UR
  7. Cecil (Paladin) – UR
  8. Macherie Hourne – UR
  9. Miranda – UR
  10. Mariale – MR
  11. Mustadio Bunanza – MR
  12. Tyrrell – MR
  13. Luartha – UR
  14. Ramza Beoulve – UR
  15. Howlet – UR
  16. Lilyth (Summer) – UR
  17. Rairyuu (Halloween) – UR
  18. Delita Heiral – UR
  19. Ramada (Winter) – UR
  20. Rhaldor – UR
  21. Aileen – UR
  22. Cadia – MR
  23. Agrias Oaks – UR
  24. Lucio – UR
  25. Vistralle – MR
  26. Oldoa – UR

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D Tier List for War of the Visions (2024)

D-tier characters are not advised for use in tournaments. They might have one or two strong matches, but they are inconsistent or lacking in other areas. You do it at your own peril if you choose to play one of these characters. Don’t use them in combative situations.

  1. Murmur – SR
  2. Rosa – UR
  3. Yuni – SR
  4. Vallaide – SR
  5. Naiah – SR
  6. Sosha – SR
  7. Serjes – SR
  8. Vadim – SR
  9. Baelo – SR
  10. Thancred – UR
  11. Severo – SR
  12. Little Leela – SR
  13. Skahal – UR

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the D tier list for War of the Visions?

The characters on the War of the Visions D tier are not suggested. These characters shouldn’t be used in competitive scenes because they aren’t as powerful as the other levels.

How static is the WOTV tier list?

The tier list for War of the Visions is not a static list. It is updated frequently to reflect the most recent metagame.

Why does the War of the Visions tier list get used by players?

The War of the Visions tier list is used by players for a variety of purposes. This includes developing a deeper understanding of the game, knowing how to deal with opposing units, and showcasing each unit’s potential.

The D tier applies to my character. Do I have to quit playing them?

The fact that your character is in the D tier does not mean you should stop playing them. Several players have found success with characters in the D tier. You should be informed, though, that playing these characters in tournaments is not advised.

How may the War of the Visions tier list be used?

There are numerous applications for the War of the Visions tier list. It can help players choose the best unit for their team by showing them undervalued troops, units that are worth upgrading and investing in, and helping them understand the game better.


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