Woo Lotti Death: Who Killed Woo Lotti? 2024

Woo Lotti Death: Woo Lotti was an iconic American rapper who tragically met his death via knife attack in April 2024. A viral video entitled Woo Lotti’s Death can be found online where rival gang members appear stab him multiple times; here is all of the necessary information regarding this event.

Before his untimely demise a few years back, Woo Lotti was widely respected by both fans and critics as an immensely talented individual. Recently released videos showing Woo’s death have left his supporters devastated even further.

Woo Lotti Death

Who was Woo Lotti?

Woo Lotti was an American rapper, singer songwriter from Lincoln. At 17 years old real name Glen Cole he formed part of an informal collective known as YG and appeared on The Three Stooges and The Warm Up. Woo Looti even has his own Spotify page where you can stream his material!

Woo Lotti was just getting noticed as an artist. Over time he quickly improved, garnering thousands of admirers around the world and being known for having an exceptional flow when rapping.

At one time he boasted 2,845 followers on his @woo lotti132 account on Instagram, as well as having released two songs that garnered great acclaim from listeners worldwide.

Woo Lotti was tragically lost soon thereafter when attacked in broad daylight by members of Woo Lotti’s own YG gang; rivalries between these were common in Bronx communities such as his.

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Woo Lotti’s death a stabbing video has gone viral on Twitter.

An alleged video, named “Woo Lotti Death,” featuring an individual being brutally stabbed to death near an open walkway has made headlines on social media sites like Twitter since yesterday, however now appears to have been pulled down from that site.

No one seems sure where or why this footage came from and we cannot verify its legitimacy at this time. More details will be made available shortly here on our page and due to its graphic nature our staff decided that for now this clip should remain on this page only as evidence.

Why did they have to kill off Woo Lotti, the rapper?

Woo Lotti was killed by his rival gang OG; their frequent songs making fun of each other ultimately proved fatal for Woo.

Woo Lotti was murdered due to animosity between two gangs and was fatally stabbed by William as one of two suspects arrested for this act of violence. Woo Lotti had been repeatedly stabbed multiple times across her chest and thighs by Williams; unfortunately when police located her body it was too late for any attempt at rescue attempt to be made.

Trip to Harlem Hospital confirmed his demise; candlelight procession held for Woo Lotti in her honor in her local neighborhood.

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Who Was Responsible for Woo Lotti’s Brutal Stabbing Death?

Woo Lotti (Glen Cole), was allegedly murdered in Harlem by two members of OG gang on April 7, 2020 and it was reported in media reports. On this same date it was also discovered a teenage had been discovered dead in Bronx neighborhood of NYC.

Glen Cole, known by his stage name Woo Lotti at 17-years-old was identified by police as being involved in this teen murder case. Two male suspects aged 28 and 16 were taken into custody as suspects for suspected roles in this heinous act and ultimately charged with killing Woo Lotti.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Woo Lotti?

Woo Lotti was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Lincoln

Who killed Woo Lotti?

Woo Lotti killed by members of the OG gang

What is Woo Lotti Age?

Woo Lotti was 17 years old at the time of death.


We discussed Woo Looti Death its causes, as well as those responsible (according to media reports). If there are any doubts or queries arising out of his death please reach out and I will do what I can to provide answers for you.

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