Where to Find Neebas Moon in Starfield?

Where to Find Neebas Moon in Starfield? Neebas Moon in Starfield orbits Suvorov within the Kryx System and holds numerous resources – notably Neebas Quartz which can be used for ship construction and other technological processes.

How to Get to Neebas Moon

To reach Neebas Moon, first travel to the Kryx System. From there, use your ship’s navigation system to locate Suvorov planet; Neebas Moon will orbit this body of space.

Neebas Moon in Starfield

Landing on Neebas Moon

Once you arrive at Neebas Moon, it will be necessary to find an ideal landing site. With mountains and craters dominating this moon’s landscape, finding an accessible landing spot may prove difficult; therefore, using your ship’s scanner to identify potential landing areas before making your attempt at landing is advised.

Exploring Neebas Moon

Once you arrive on Neebas Moon, it is time to start exploring its many resources – Neebas Quartz among them – as well as unique locations such as abandoned settlements and ancient ruins.

Finding Neebas Quartz

Neebas Quartz is an invaluable mineral found on Neebas Moon, used in ship construction and other technologies. To locate Neebas Quartz, your ship’s scanner should do the trick; surface deposits as well as underground veins should contain Neebas Quartz deposits.

Tips for Exploring Neebas Moon

Neebas Moon is a large and dangerous place. Here are a few tips for exploring it safely:

  • Use your ship’s scanner to identify potential landing sites and resources.
  • Be wary when landing on the moon, as its surface is filled with mountains and craters.
  • Bring along an appropriate spacesuit and weapons, as the moon is home to numerous dangerous species.
  • Neebas Moon poses many dangers that require regular saving.


Neebas Moon in Starfield is an invaluable source of resources. However, getting there may prove challenging but its rewards make the journey worth your while. By following these tips safely exploring Neebas Moon you’ll discover its secrets and uncover all its resources.

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