When will Pokemon GO get Shiny Chespin?

Pokemon GO Shiny Chespin: Chespin may not be as often used as other Pokemon GO starters like Charmander or Treecko, but it still has its share of dedicated trainers. Chespin is a Pokemon from the Kalos region. Like Froakie and Fennekin, it can be caught by new trainers in Pokemon X and Y.

Chespin has a chance to become a good, though unique, selection for the mobile game’s competitive scene because it matures into one of the few grass and fighting-type games the genre has to offer. However, not all trainers will be content with having Chespin and its evolved form available to them.

About: Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO is a free location-based AR game for iOS and Android devices. The July 2016 release was a global hit. Pokemon GO lets players catch, fight, and teach digital animals that appear to be nearby. The game uses the phone’s GPS and camera to immerse players and make them want to go out and find Pokémon.

When can we expect to see Shiny Chespin in Pokemon GO?

Now that a new year has begun, Niantic has shared when players can expect to uncover a shiny chess piece. During the Chespin Community Day event, which kicks off on March 7, you can catch Shiny Chespin, which are variants of a species with the same statistics but a new color scheme. Community Days are an annual tradition, and this one is no exception; their goal is to make the creature trendy once again.

Pokemon GO get Shiny Chespin

Anyone who manages to capture or evolve a Chesnaught during the event will have access to the special Frenzy Plant move. This is the pinnacle of Grass-type attacks in Pokemon GO, and practically all Grass-type starter Pokemon in the game can learn it after participating in their respective Community Day events.

Shiny Chespin will make its debut on Chespin’s Community Day, and those who take part will have a better chance of catching one. Niantic looks to be carrying on the tradition of collectors anticipating these events for the increased shining chance they provide.

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