Toki Wartooth (Guitarist) Member of The Band Dethlok

Toki Wartooth is the Gibson Flying V-playing rhythm guitarist for the made-up band Dethklok. His family in Lillehammer, Norway, is small, strict, and abusive. His likeness to Mikael Akerfeldt of the band Opeth was used as inspiration for his role. As seen on Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse, Dethklok is a fan favourite character.

Toki Wartooth (Guitarist) Member of The Band Dethlok
Toki Wartooth (Guitarist) Member of The Band Dethlok

Toki Wartooth (Dethlok Guitarist)

Dethklok’s rhythm guitarist is Toki Wartooth. For the fourth year, instead of his usual Gibson Flying V, he’s been playing a Brendon Small “Snow Falcon” V. Born in “an abandoned settlement outside Lillehammer,” Norway, to cultist parents who abused him, he was compelled to work incessantly. He speaks with an accent and tends to use the wrong plural form of nouns, yet he always calls Pickles just that. His facial features are those of a Fu Manchu: long brown hair, very light blue eyes, and a distinctive moustache. In addition, he is depicted as being in much better physical shape than the rest of his bandmates.

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Toki Wartooth Band

He was picked to replace Magnus Hammersmith, the violent and egotistical founding member of Dethklok, and is the only member of the band who did not come from a musical background. Toki and Skwisgaar’s relationship is described by Small as “As opposed to Skwisgaar’s haughty Swedish demeanour, this one is decidedly Norwegian. Furthermore, another subpar member of the same group “iron maiden-like in terms of his guitar playing style.

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Toki Wartooth Character

Toki’s character is often childlike, naive, and good-natured, in contrast to the deep pessimism, bleak attitude, promiscuity, and alcohol addiction of the other band members. His room is decked out in typical male stuff like action figures, stuffed animals, and posters, and one of his main interests is making model aeroplanes. He has Type 2 diabetes and needs regular injections of insulin.

Toki’s beloved father and guitar instructor both meet untimely ends, and the Tribunal labels him a “angel of death” because of it. Except for Dr. Rockso, Charles, and the members of the band, nearly every other living thing that comes into contact with Toki eventually perishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Toki Warooth?

Toki Wartooth is the Gibson Flying V-playing rhythm guitarist.

What is the band name of Toki?

He is the member of Band Dethlok.

What is Toki Wartooth age?

He is around 24 years old.


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