This number is no longer in service text Bad SIM

Getting an error message that says “This number is no longer in service text”? The Causes and the Most Effective Solutions

The error message “this number is no longer in service” is pretty typical these days. And it isn’t always pleasant. For example, you are trying to contact someone or are anticipating critical information from them, but they are unable to contact you.

You should be aware that you are not alone. This call intercept notice does not appear on your phone by itself. It’s possible you’re dialing an invalid number or a phone that has been disconnected by the service provider. Let’s look at what might be causing this and how to remedy it.

This number is no longer in service text Bad SIM

What does the error message “this number is no longer in service text” mean?

When calling a phone number, the call may occasionally fail to connect. You receive an intercept message stating that “this number is no longer in service” instead of reaching the person you want to speak with or a voicemail box.

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Phones That Have Been Temporarily Disconnected

The call intercept notice “this number is no longer in service” can indicate that the phone you’re trying to call has been temporarily disconnected. All of the services activated on that phone are inoperable when it is temporarily disconnected. This could occur as a result of unpaid debts.

Phones that have been hacked

You may occasionally receive spam calls in which spammers imitate (or spoof) the caller ID shown on your phone. As a result, whenever you call back, you’ll get a call intercept message stating that the number is no longer active. It is not necessary for a phone number to be in service in order for it to appear that someone is calling from it.

SIM Card Error:

Another reason you’re getting this number is that it’s no longer in operation. Another reason is that your SIM card or the recipient’s SIM isn’t working properly. When SIM cards become faulty or are not properly installed on a phone, problems might arise, including the inability to make or receive phone calls.

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Phones That Are Blocked

Furthermore, it looks like you have unintentionally blocked those who are receiving the “this number is no longer in service” error message. When blocked users try to phone you, this is what occurs. To double-check, send a text message to the recipient.

How to resolve the call intercept message “this number is no longer in service”

The most straightforward solution is to double-check that the phone number you’re dialing is correct. There’s a good chance that number isn’t correct.

If your SIM card isn’t working, contact your network provider and make sure it’s working. If it isn’t, ask them to reactivate the SIM or replace it with a new one. It’s likely that the phone you bought is locked to the network operator who supplied it if the SIM card on the previous phone worked.

If you’ve mistakenly prevented some numbers from calling you, look them up and unblock them.


As I previously stated, receiving the call intercept message “this number is no longer in service” can be extremely unpleasant, but there are a variety of causes for this. So, before coming to your own conclusions, you must first figure out why you are receiving this information.

Check to see if you’re dialing the wrong number, if your phone isn’t blocked, or if you’re being harassed by a spammer. To solve your problem, try each of the suggestions in this article.

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