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Ski Mask Girl Face 2023: Real Name, Age and More

The TikTok Star known as “The Ski Mask Girl Face” has become incredibly popular in only a short amount of time.

As of this writing, her real name and appearance have not been made public. However, we have been able to learn some things about her work and online profiles from her accounts.

The content creator, who has 2 million followers on TikTok and 172,000 followers on Instagram, has worn a number of masks to hide her face.

There’s a line in her Instagram bio where she says she helps out fellow YouTuber TooTurntTony.

She and Tony, who works for a New York City production company, frequently share comedic videos and photos together.

Ski Mask Girl

Who Is Ski Mask Girl?

The Ski Mask Girl’s Face Reveal Goes Viral After an Accidental Live Stream The identity of the mystery lady known only as “The SkiMask Girl” has been widely discussed online for months. The online community is demanding that she reveal her identity, including her name and photo.

It now seems that the identity of “The Ski Mask Girl” has been widely disseminated online. In contrast, this previously unidentified young woman has become an Internet sensation. Our research indicates that Briana Armbruster, a famous user on the video sharing platform Tiktok, is the SkiMask Girl. This page will enlighten you about the Tiktok star.

About: Ski Mask Girl

Full NameBriana Armbruster
Nick NameSki Mask Girl
Birth DateFeb. 14, 1995
Birth PlaceAnn Arbor, Michigan
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Manager
Relationship StatusSingle 
Age26 years old


Briana Armbruster, better known as “The Ski Mask Girl” on Tiktok, has recently caused a stir online after her face and name were revealed by accident and went viral. TooTurntTony, a Tiktok user, wanted to keep The Ski Mask Girl’s identity secret, but her face was accidentally shown during a recent TikTok Livestream, which ruined the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ski mask girl face reveal?

Briana Armbuster

When was Ski Mask Girl Born?

She was born on Feb. 14, 1995

What is Ski Mask Girl Real Name?

Ski Mask Girl real name is Briana Armbruster

How Old is Ski Mask Girl?

She is 26 years old.


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