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Shep Rose Net Worth 2023: Early Life and Career

Shep Rose Net Worth 2023: Shep Rose, known for his appearances on Bravo reality series Southern Charm and as an entrepreneur and investor. Rose reportedly has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Early Life and Career

Rose was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1978. He studied business at the University of South Carolina before transitioning into real estate agenting and bartending post-college. Rose then was cast on Southern Charm’s inaugural season.

Appearances on Southern Charm

Rose has made several appearances on Southern Charm throughout its eight season run, which follows friends in Charleston, South Carolina. Rose is popular for his humorous appearances & party lifestyle; he often gets involved in feuds among cast members as well.

Shep Rose Net Worth

Business Ventures

Rose has also explored other business ventures, including owning The Palace Hotel bar in Charleston and Shep Rose Collection clothing line. Additionally, in 2019 he launched King’s Calling Tequila brand.

Personal Life Rose has been romantically involved with numerous women over the years but never married one of them. He now has one son born in 2017 whom he adopted from foster care.

Shep Rose Net Worth 2023

Rose has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. His income primarily derives from reality TV appearances, business ventures and endorsement deals.

Net Worth$5 Million
NameShep Rose
Date of Birth27 Sep, 1980
Age43 years old
Place of BirthHilton Head Island, SC
ProfessionRestauranteur, Reality TV Star

FAQ About Shep Rose

What is Shep Rose Net Worth?

Rose reportedly has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

How did Shep Rose get his start in reality TV?

Rose was cast in the first season of Southern Charm after being introduced by one of her mutual friends to its producers.

What is Shep Rose’s most famous quote?

Rose’s most infamous quote: “I am not an evil person; I just misunderstand people.”

What is Shep Rose’s favorite thing about Charleston?

Rose enjoys Charleston for its cuisine and the variety of restaurants and bars it has to offer.

What is Shep Rose’s least favorite thing about Charleston?

Rose finds the traffic of Charleston to be his least favorite aspect, saying it can make traversing around during rush hours extremely challenging.


Shep Rose is an esteemed reality TV star, entrepreneur, and investor with an estimated net worth estimated to be $5 Million. Rose is widely known for his sense of humor and penchant for partying; his love for partying led to numerous feuds with cast members of Southern Charm; however despite these issues he remains popular on the show and boasts a large fan base on social media.

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