Occult Salesman Shadows Over Loathing: Refer House Puzzle

Occult Salesman Shadows Over Loathing: Welcome to our guide for solving the Traveling Salesman House puzzle in Shadows Over Loathing! We hope this will prove useful, as some individuals may struggle with completing Shadows Over Loathing game. If that describes you, allow us to assist via our Shadows Over Loathing guide.

What is Occult Salesman Shadows Over Loathing?

Shadows Over Loathing welcomes mobsters, creatures and enigmas into its world rife with good and evil forces – its dark underbelly laid bare. A sequel to critically acclaimed West of Loathing this game provides another glimpse of darkness for players to uncover and exploit.

Your Uncle Murray needs your assistance immediately at his antique shop in Ocean City. However, upon your arrival you find that he has gone missing. In your investigation into his disappearance and peculiar items he had collected over time, sinister conspiracies are revealed as well as frightening eldritch tentacles which may threaten our very existence – the world.

Shadows Over Loathing House Puzzle The Occult Travelling Salesman

Referring to the picture as it appears here can help you make sense of what occurred on its own; simply focus on where each salesman stood.

Occult Salesman Shadows Over Loathing

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