School of Hierarchy Tier List (April 2024)

Are you new to Roblox and have heard much talk of a “School of Hierarchy Tier List?” This article will explore this internal ranking system used by players to gauge their power within the game.

What is Roblox School of Hierarchy?

Roblox School of Hierarchy is an educational role playing game where players take on various roles within an educational setting. A hierarchical system ranks players according to power and influence within the school, simulating real life school environments where students can prove their worth and rise through the ranks by proving themselves worthy.

Roblox School of Hierarchy Tier List

Understanding the Tier List

  • Tier S: Characters in Tier S are among the strongests and most necessary within the games, possessing unparalleled abilities and stats that make them invaluable assets to any team.
  • Tier A characters offer strong advantages in battle while not being essential.
  • Tier B characters: Average characters who may prove useful in certain circumstances but don’t make up an integral part of your team.
  • Tier C characters should not be used for competitive play.
  • Tier D: Any character from Tier D should be avoided at all costs

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School of Hierarchy Tier List

S Tier

Aura Manipulation
Time Manipulation

A Tier (School of Hierarchy Tier List)

Fire Claw

B Tier (School of Hierarchy Tier List)


C Tier

Hand Blade
Crescent Slash

D Tier


Unlock New Abilities in the School Of Hierarchy

School Of Hierarchy’s only way of unlocking new abilities is through levelling up to higher tiers, and pulling S-tier abilities as these will improve your winning odds significantly. If any fail to summon, log off from the game and delete its data so you can restart rerolling them again.

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Last Worlds

Roblox School of Hierarchy Tier List is a ranking system that classifies players according to their role within the game and their level of power in it. This system emulates real life school environments where students can climb the ladder of powers by demonstrating themselves worthy. By following our tips you too can ascend this ladder of influence!

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