School of Hierarchy Codes: Latest Codes (March 2023)


School of Hierarchy Codes: To help you reach the top of the PvP and PvE hierarchy, these new School of Hierarchy codes provide a tonne of bonuses, equipment, and other benefits.
With these School of Hierarchy coupons, which provide a variety of useful boosts, exp, money, and more, you may ascend to the top of the school hierarchy in this epic Roblox combat game. As new codes are released, we routinely update this guide, so be sure to come back sometimes to get the most recent information.

School of Hierarchy Codes (March 2023)

Here is the list of all active School of Hierarchy Coupons:

  • FixPls – free EXP
  • Fragmenting – Construct Fragments equipable back item
  • 1MEXP – one million EXP
  • 1MilMoney – one million money
  • POWWWEEERRRRR – Strong Attack Booster equipable primary enhancement item
School of Hierarchy Codes

School of Hierarchy Expired Codes (March 2023)

Here is the list of all expired School of Hierarchy Coupons:

  • 10Potential

School of Hierarchy Codes: What are they?

Coupons for School of Hierarchy are gifts from the developer that provide rewards like bonuses, experience points, cash, and equipable things. School of Hierarchy often releases new codes to honour changes or milestones, so make sure to add it to your favourites and bookmark this page.

Redeeming School of Hierarchy Coupons

You can easily redeem your School of Hierarchy coupons by following these easy instructions.

  • Launch School of Hierarchy in Roblox
  • If you haven’t got a save file yet, start a new game and customise your character. If you have, hit load game
  • Tap M to open the in-game menu
  • Hit the settings cog
  • Type or paste your code into the textbox at the bottom of the settings menu
  • Hit enter
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Our School of Hierarchy codes are now complete. Check out our selection of the top Roblox games for additional fun activities.

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