Samantha Koenig Ransom Photo: The Final Victim of Killing Case

Samantha Koenig Ransom Photo: Israel Keyes was accused of imprisoning & killing Samantha Koenig in 2012. Koenig was kidnapped from her job, raped, & slain the next day. Keyes & his family then embarked on a cruise in New Orleans. Some folks may find the image below distressing.

“Your face framed in dark locks like a painting, the sun gleamed through highlights of crimson,” began the poem “An Ode to Murder,” which was found among his papers next to his bed. I wonder what colour it will be & how straight it will become after being plastered back with your blood & sweat.

Keyes was asked several questions following his arrest about the details of his deeds, wherein he slowly admitted his involvement with several crimes he had committed but refused to acknowledge their severity, maintaining no regret for what they had done but acting according to their desires alone.

samantha koenig ransom photo

Body Collected

Keyes picked up Koenig’s cold body after his trip. She was then trimmed & made to look alive. After sewing her eyes open, he held her erect & took a shot of her holding a four-day-old Anchorage Daily News.

Samantha Koenig Ransom Photo

Keyes then sent Koenig’s family the picture along with an official request that ,000 be deposited into Samantha Koenig’s bank account immediately, having obtained her debit card prior to receiving this directive from detectives.

Her family obliged, making it easier for detectives to monitor Keyes through his card use resulting in his eventual arrest having made purchases all across the Southwest on it – this provided crucial clues leading them directly back to Keyes who made purchases using it as his purchase vehicle (above photo: Samantha Koenig).

Israel keyes A Cold-Blooded Serial killer

Before raping & killing Koenig, he drank wine & told her what he was going to do, sources say. He was described as a cold-blooded serial killer without any feelings of remorse for the horror he inflicted upon others.

He was mentally fit & had an intellect between normal & outstanding, according to his psychiatric assessment. The horror of this act was compounded by his family & social contributions.

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