Stunna Girl was arrested for kidnapping: What happened?

Stunna Girl Arrested For Kidnapping A young rap artist named Stunna Girl has won over fans with her undeniable skill and cute looks. Because of this, they want to know more about her personal life, especially her romantic ties, which this article will tell them about.

Stunna Girl Arrested for Kidnapping

Stunna Girl is an acclaimed rapper and social media influencer from Sacramento, California. When her song “Runway” was uploaded to TikTok, it quickly went viral, further increasing her success.

Stunna Girl previously released the singles Real Rap, On the Record and Let It Drip in 2019. As a single mother with an estimated net worth of $250 thousand, her contract with Capitol Music Group cost her reported $1 million.

Stunna Girl has had numerous disagreements with fellow rappers Noni Blanco and Lil Kayla since her music debut. Additionally, she had an issue with Cuban Doll that occurred prior to that.

stunna girl kidnapping

Why did Stunna Girl get arrested?

Stunna Girl was sentenced to prison for multiple offenses, such as theft, fraud and money laundering. Her fraudulent activities were exposed when victims reported the incidents to law enforcement. For months, Stunna Girl had been running an intricate scam with serious financial losses sustained by those affected by her deeds. Ultimately, Judge Paula Davis took into account all of Stunna Girl’s past criminal record when sentencing her to prison for her crimes.

Career Overview

As her career progressed, Stunna Girl gained more attention from the music industry. In 2019, she released her first single and then two years later followed with an album. Both received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, propelling her to become a rising star within rap music.

Stunna Girl made the cover of “Muze” magazine in November 2020, testament to her growing celebrity and professional success. To succeed as a musician in today’s highly competitive music industry, dedication and effort are necessary for success. Despite these accomplishments, Stunna Girl has faced difficulties; she often drinks alcohol at parties which is not recommended as an effective way of managing stress but it serves as part of her coping mechanism.

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Stunna Girl Put In Cage

Rumours swirl that Stunna Girl played an integral role in Cuban Doll’s victory over Rockey Badd. On October 15, 2018, Cuban Doll, a Dallas rapper who claimed to have signed a million dollar deal with Capitol Music Group back in April 2018, publicly announced her dismissal from the label live on Instagram.

After an incident involving Detroit rapper Rocky Badd, who was allegedly assaulted, robbed of her chain, and placed in a dog cage by associates of Cuban, including Los Angeles rapper Stunna Girl, the label reportedly let Cuban go.

They paid Rocky for a false booking in California, then had an armed group of men rush her manager, severely cutting her stomach with stitches and placing her in a dog cage.

Cuban’s calls to the police on people raise doubts as to her involvement. When Stunna Girl arrived at her house, she beat her while she slept and then called police for both Badd and Lando Bando; afterwards, Stunna Girl stole the doll’s chain and included it in her story.

Stunna Girl auctioned Doll’s chain, but later became pals with Cuban Doll and helped him cage Rocky Badd.

However, Stunna and Cuban Doll denied placing her in a cage and later broke up with each other.

Rocky believed Cuban Doll was behind it all, but most believe Stunna Girl kidnapped and imprisoned her in a dog’s cage.

FAQ About Stunna

Who is Stunna Girl?

She is an famous rapper and tiktok star.

What is Stunna Girl networth?

She has networth of $1 million dollar.

What is stunna girl real name?

Stunna Girl real name is Suzanne.

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