rslash Face Reveal 2024: Age, Net Worth, Real Name and More

rslash Face Reveal 2024: Popular YouTuber rSlash is recognized for using Reddit as a venue for his video narration. If rSlash has ever shown his face it has long been a source of speculation among fans. He has finally shown his face so the answer is yes! Please read the complete article if you want more information about rSlash’s face reveal including information about his appearance, real identity, family and other things.

Who is rslash? Know Everything

Dabney M. Bailey, popularly known as rSlash, is an American YouTuber who primarily utilizes Reddit as a platform for narrating his videos. His content revolves around exploring various subreddits where users submit a wide range of stories, varying from entertaining to frustrating. Occasionally, his dog named Yugo makes appearances in his videos.

rslash Face Reveal

Back in 2015, he launched his first channel, Debacarb, where he mainly focused on streaming on Twitch. Later on, he started sharing gameplay highlights from his Overwatch matches on his YouTube channel. However, in 2018, his channel started experiencing financial setbacks, prompting him to explore new types of content for future production.

rslash face reveal 2024

Are you searching for an rSlah Face reveal video? You can find it within this very article. On June 14, 2019, he unveiled his face in a video after reaching 1 million subscribers on his channel. Currently, his channel has 1.9 million subscribers. Although he showed his face, he has not disclosed his age. He did, however, reveal his birthday as November 16th.

The face reveal video received over one million views, where rSlash disclosed that he had another YouTube channel called Dabacabb. On Dabacabb, he shared Overwatch videos and a compilation of Funny Memories from his gaming experiences.

What is rSlash real name?

rSlash whose real name is Dabney M. Bailey, disclosed his true identity during one of his videos. Although the popular YouTuber has not disclosed his exact age, he does commemorate his birthday annually on November 16th. While his age remains undisclosed, one can make estimations based on the available photos. Despite the lack of public knowledge regarding his age it is apparent that his YouTube account is relatively recent as it appears to have been created on 8 January 2019.

Youtube NamerSlash
Real NameDabney M. Bailey
AgeNot Known
Date of BirthNovember 16
Net Worth$5 million

Is rslash Married? His Wife Name

rSlash is happily married to his wife, Siyu Nicole Shan who is of American Chinese descent. She works as an account and business manager in University of Maryland Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science.

Although exact date of their marriage is not known they are proud parents to a daughter named Lily and also share their home with a dog named Yugo. Their marital relationship appears to be thriving and devoid of any challenges.

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