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Hogwarts Legacy: fixed Release Date, but Postponement into 2023


Hogwarts Legacy will now release on May 1, 2023 for Nintendo Switch and will “soon be announced”. Previously postponed from 2021-2022 then again to early 2023; Hogwarts Legacy takes place during the 1800s of Harry Potter Wizarding World and features open world action RPG gameplay with multiple environments that span 1800s-1800s settings.

Hogwarts Legacy tweeted their excitement over being chosen as players; but their team needed extra time to craft an exceptional gaming experience for you all. Chandler Wood from Avalanche Software tweeted an apology as well: despite any delays with HogwartsLegacy being delayed until further notice; but we’re delighted to provide them with a release date instead!

From its initial leak until its 2019 unveiling, HogwartsLegacy was closely tracked here at UWM. Although Hogwarts Legacy does have an official website, we compiled all we know here (which might seem counter-intuitive since fishing typically involves using nets!).


HogwartsLegacy’s development was eventful. Leaked footage in 2018 indicated WB’s Avalanche studio was working on Harry Potter and the Magic Awakened; JK Rowling added her transphobic beliefs in 2020; Hogwarts developers struggled to incorporate trans-inclusive character generator; plus Hogwarts had to deal with producer who posted antisocial justice films online before leaving eventually.

Hogwarts Legacy

About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, developed and distributed by Avalanche Software and Warner Bros, will take place within Harry Potter’s Wizarding World including Fantastic Beasts. Set for release May 5, 2023 on Windows PCs, PS4, PS5 consoles, Xbox One & X/S systems while Nintendo Switch remains unknown at this point in time.

Hogwarts takes place during late 1800s Britain. A fifth-year student bears key to an “ancient mystery that threatens to split apart wizarding world”, may use an ancient power and must discover why and who it has reappeared; Nearly Headless Nick, Fat Lady and Peeves can be played; professor Eleazar Fig will serve as mentor while Ranrok (Goblin Rebellion commander) and Victor Rookwood (a Dark Wizard) represent antagonistic force within game world.


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