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Rocket League April Fools Day 2023 New Update

Today is April Fools Day (2023), so take the opportunity to prank some friends! A brand new patch for Rocket League was recently made available with many developers planning surprises for customers on April 1. Technicians please read further for further details!

Rocket League’s popularity means its creators are always seeking innovative ways to surprise its followers; on April 1, 2017, they unveiled an unexpected religious doctrine within its game world.

On April 1st 2023 – which promises to be an entertaining day – we will cover everything there is to know about Rocket League. So let’s dive right in and discuss what has changed since April 1st 2023 in this game.

Rocket League April Fools’ Day 2023 New Update

Start off by reviewing what’s inside your basket: the new store, named “Completely Burnt Sienna,” has made shopping even less satisfying than before, no matter that April 1 is traditionally known as April Fools’ Day – there’s no reason to act irrationally now!

Rocket League April Fools Day 2023 New Update

As well, this charred sienna supernova (currently priced at 3,000 Indian rupees [$50] at time of writing) should prove one of the least-utilized gold explosions within Rocket League due to its lower value and smaller customer base; we expect it to remain available no more than for one day due to this phenomenon. Keep reading to discover how Rocket League plans on celebrating April Fool’s Day 2023!

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Within 12-24 hours, it should be possible for those who really desire it to get it if that is what is desired. Their behavior will ultimately decide the outcome; however, Rocket League offers an April Fools mode – nice that after so long of inactivity they decided to celebrate April Fools with an event!

Private third-wheel options will only be available for limited use over time, due to an apparent breakdown in testing of this highly classified game resembling an octave but only having three wheels making contact more challenging to make with the ball.

These sightings are truly astounding; we felt it necessary to warn you of their creation of ridiculous memes featuring large hats. Furthermore, their shop just recently released its latest outrageous variant!

Final Thoughts

Though only available for a limited period, as stated within-game, you are welcome to download it and give it a go.

Graphic polish gives these cars an extra exciting depth, and gameplay is captivating as well. That is all we can think of for now; should any questions arise please leave them below and we’ll respond as quickly as we can with an informed reply – don’t forget to visit back soon as there will likely be even more of our smart writing to explore!

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