Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Quaxly Final Evolution

Are you searching for information about Quaxly final evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? This game is the newest installment to the beloved franchise, featuring three Starter Pokemon including Quaxly – a Water Type Pokemon with impressive Defense abilities and an unusual moveset. Our guide will give you all of the essential facts about Quaxly final evolution.

Quaxly Final Evolution

Quaxly evolutionary line reaches its final stage at level 36 with the Water type Pokémon, Quaquaval. This line begins with Quaxly which evolves into Quaxwell at level 15. Quaxwell is a friendly looking Pokémon with blue feathers and a white beak that can produce pleasant bell like sounds. It belongs to the ninth generation of the line and has two abilities, Torrent and Hidden Moxie. Quaxwell mainly feeds on fish and its eggs weigh 47.4 pounds.

Quaxly Final Evolution

Quaxwell total stat is 410 with strong Attack at 85 and HP at 70. While its Defense is 65 its Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed are all 65 as well. Quaxwell can learn various moves, such as Double Hit, Pound, Growl, and Water Gun at Level 1. However more powerful techniques like Focus Energy and Liquefy are only accessible at higher levels in Generation IX. Overall, Quaxwell’s diverse capabilities make it a standout Pokémon.

About: Quaxly

Quaxly is part of the Duckling Pokemon species in Generation IX and can evolve into Quaxwell. The evolutionary line consists of 912, 913, and 914 with primary types being Normal and Water; its abilities being Torrent and Moxie. Standing 1’08” tall at 13.4 lbs with white Pokedex coloration, its stats include 55 HP, 65 Attack, 45 Defense 50 Sp. Atk 50 Sp Def 50 Speed for a total score of 310 points. In Generation IX it uses moves such as Pound Growl Water Gun Work Up Plus it gains access to Torrent which increases water-type attack power by 150%–a unique trait among Water type Pokemon; additionally its Hidden Ability Moxie boosts attack stat after each knockout occurs.


In conclusion, Quaquaval is the final form of Quaxly and an excellent water-type starter with exciting moves. Don’t hesitate to train and add this powerful Pokémon to your team. Good luck, trainers!

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