Picsart Gold Redeem Code for Discord Nitro Users? 2023


Picsart Gold Redeem Code :Picsart is a platform where users can unleash their creativity when editing photos or videos. While the free version of Picsart is quite good, users can unlock unlimited exclusive content with the subscription version of Picsart Gold. Not only do users get premium editing tools but also cross-platform access for both mobile and web browser versions of Picsart – did you know Discord Nitro members get a redeem code for the Picsart Gold subscription?

Are you a Discord Nitro user in search of a way to get a Picsart Gold redeem code at no cost or discounted cost? Look no furthers In this article we’ll be exploring all the different methods by which you can obtain such an offer for free or at reduced price.

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What is Picsart Gold?

Picsart Gold is a premium subscription service offered by Picsart, an award-winning photo editing app available on iOS and Android devices. With Picsart Gold, users gain access to exclusive features like ad-free editing, premium content access and advanced editing tools.

Similar to Discord Nitro, Picsart Gold offers a paid subscription that grants users unlimited access to its premium tools and content.


Once you purchase Picsart Gold subscriptions, you will gain access to its premium editing tools, over 20 million premium stock images, photos, videos and graphics, cross-platform access on both mobile app and website, plus much more.

Picsard Gold offers an elite membership at Rs 166.66 per year.

Picsart Gold Redeem Code

Discord Nitro members can take advantage of a special offer: three months free access to Picsart Gold!


To discover how, continue reading.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service provided by Discord, the popular communication app for gamers. With Discord Nitro, users gain access to exclusive features such as custom emotes, animated avatars, and higher quality voice chat.

Yes, Discord Nitro members can enjoy 3 months of Picsart Gold subscription at no cost for a limited period. Here’s how you can take advantage of this incredible offer:

How do I redeem a Picsart gold code?

First and foremost, this Redeem coupon option is only available for $9.99 Nitro subscribers. Nitro Classic and Boost subscribers cannot take advantage of this promotion, and the offer may only be available in certain regions. If you receive an “Unknown Gift Code” error message, that means the offer is unavailable in your region. Furthermore, only new Picsart Gold subscribers who have never signed up before can redeem the gift card; those who had previously subscribed cannot avail of this offer.

To claim your free Picsart Gold Subscription, simply follow these steps.

  • Logging into Discord
  • Navigating to the Gift Inventory
  • Press Claim for Picsart Gold Gift to receive your 12-digit code!
  • Go to your Picsart account.
  • Redeem this code for 3 months of uninterrupted Picsart Gold membership.
  • To take advantage of this offer, you must enter your payment information.
  • After three months, the subscription will revert back to a paid membership.

Does Picsart gold give free Nitro?

Picsart Gold is a premium subscription service provided by the popular photo-editing app Picsart. It provides users with exclusive features and tools to enhance their editing experience; however, Picsart Gold does not include free Nitro. Nitro is a separate service offered by Discord, an established voice and text communication platform geared toward gamers.

Through Nitro, users have access to features like custom emojis, increased upload limits, and high-quality screen sharing capabilities. Picsart and Discord can be used together to create and share content, but they are distinct platforms with their own subscription services. Therefore, subscribing to Picsart Gold does not grant free access to Discord Nitro; if users wish to take advantage of Nitro, they must subscribe separately to Discord Nitro.

Does Picsart gold give free Nitro?

According to their official website, the Picsart Gold free trial lasted for 7 days. However, this may have changed since then; therefore, to confirm the current length of this offer, please check directly with Picsart app or website.

Is Picsart free for students?

Picsart gives a free photo editing app on the App Store and Google Play Store. Online tutorials and tools help students learn photo editing.


Discord Nitro users have several ways to obtain a Picsart Gold redeem code. Whether through referral links, purchasing Discord Nitro, searching online for discount codes or participating in giveaways on social media channels, there are plenty of options to choose from.

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