One Piece Admiral Kizaru: How Powerful Is He?

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: Kizaru is one of the Marines’ greatest assets despite his comical appearance.
Many strong characters populate One Piece. These characters’ talents help them beat their opponents. As a pirate-themed series, the best characters are pirates. To confront the menace of the pirates, the World Government had to take dramatic actions. It led to the Marines, a formidable group that fought pirates.

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: The Marines required many strong people since there were so many pirates. Few people rose through the ranks of the organisation. Admirals are the Marines’ mightiest weapon, picked from thousands of contenders. The three Admirals are powerful. These positions are held by Ryokugyu, Fujitora, and Kizaru. Kizaru had served the Marines for years, whereas the others joined during the time jump. Kizaru has seldom been in a meaningful battle, prompting to doubts regarding his strength level.

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: The Light Human

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: Kizaru’s height of 9’11 is absurd. He can easily kill a normal person with a simple assault. He’s not a powerhouse because of his height. Kizaru ate the Logia-class Pika Pika no Mi years ago. Pika Pika no Mi enables its user to evade assaults not protected by Haki.

Because it can alter light, Pika Pika no Mi is a desired devil fruit. The user may make light at will. Kizaru can reflect light to move at light speed. Kizaru uses his devil fruit to shoot laser beams from his fingertips. These explosions may injure a person’s flesh. Sabaody’s giant mangrove trees were destroyed by Kizaru’s devil fruit. Kizaru caught a fleeing Apoo with little trouble, demonstrating his quickness. Kizaru’s devil fruit-enhanced kick sent Basil Hawkins falling into a skyscraper. Dr. Vegapunk examined Kizaru’s devil fruit to power the Pacifista. Kizaru’s devil fruit, Pika Pika no Mi, gives him a unique combatant.

One Piece Admiral Kizaru

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: Where Does He Rank?

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: Kizaru’s strength and overall power have been much discussed. Kizaru’s battles must be studied to understand his power. First, he looked lacklustre and sluggish in Sabaody. Once he faced the Worst Generation, it was evident he wasn’t average. Kizaru defeated numerous Supernovas with his devil fruit.

Onlookers were amazed by this elderly man’s power as he destroyed many legendary pirates. When Kizaru saw the Straw Hat Pirates, he knew they were in danger. In minutes, he almost destroyed him, and Silvers Rayleigh saved them. Admiral and Dark King traded punches, but the Marine revealed he needed help with Rayleigh. Rayleigh sliced Kizaru during their battle, causing a minor wound. Rayleigh and Kizaru’s fight showed who is stronger.

Kizaru battled Marco and Whitebeard. Kizaru’s devil fruits didn’t affect Marco. Marco kicked Kizaru against a wall. Kizaru didn’t fight Whitebeard, but he attacked him with devil fruit. Kizaru has fought above the first Yonko commander level. Marco and Rayleigh were also right-hand men, but their accomplishments elevated them beyond typical Yonko leaders.

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: Role In The Story

One Piece Admiral Kizaru: Kizaru’s role in the series has been restricted, but he’ll get more screen time in the final tale. Kizaru’s trip to Egghead Island was announced recently. It’s the second straight arc with an admiral. Kizaru must help CP0 kill Dr. Vegapunk. Kizaru usually follows commands, but witnessing Sentomaru’s condition might alter that. Would their closeness be enough to have Kizaru disobey Akainu? unknown for now.

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