New Club Penguin Codes: Latest Codes (December 2022)

New Club Penguin Codes: Free in-game stuff and upgrades? You may get some excellent bonuses using these coupons. These New Club Penguin codes will likely be updated regularly when milestones are reached in this popular online game. If you wish to try them, we’ll list all the live and expired New Club Penguin codes below. Stick around to learn how to redeem them and acquire all your goods quickly.

New Club Penguin Codes (December 2022)

You’ll find all current New Club Penguin codes here. These codes generally provide products or cash, and who doesn’t want free stuff? The current New Club Penguin codes are:

SPOOKYDAY22Redeem this code to get Halloween items and 5k coins
TIMBORedeem this code for Spanish Fifth Year Hat & 5K Coins
ONLINESAFETYRedeem this code for an Online Safety Sweater
FREEHOODRedeem this code for UK Hoodie
New Club Penguin Codes

New Club Penguin Expired Codes (December 2022)

We have a comprehensive list of New Club Penguin expired codes you may attempt. If you’re typing the aforementioned active New Club Penguin codes anyhow, it’s worth a go.

  • SUMMERPACK – Tons of items & 1K Coins
  • MAYTHE4TH – Lot of outfits
  • EARTHDAY – Animal Costumes
  • EASTERDROP – Easter Items
  • BOOKOFBOBA – Boba Fett Helmet, Costume & The Child
  • FESTIVE21 – 8k Coins
  • TRICKORTREAT – Trick Or Treat Pumpkin & 100 coins
  • FREEGIFT – 8k coins
  • ONEYEAR – Anniversary hat & 5k coins
  • PRIDE21 – Some rainbow items
  • COLORVOTE – Some paint items
  • SPRINGSEASON – Some spring items and also 100 coins
  • STPATRICKS – Clover Garland, Leprechaun Background, Pot O’Gold, Shamrock hat, Lucky Coin Pin and also 1k coins
  • VALENTINES – Lovely Dress, Heart’s Warning Hat, Be My Valentine Background and also 1k coins
  • NEWYEAR – Blue HipHop Hoddie, Pink Hip Hop Hoodie, Fireworks Pin, X Background and also 1,000 coins
  • HOLIDAYS – Blue winter jacket, Pink duffle coat, Snow shovel, Kitty Kat Toque, Blue toque and also 2,000 coins
  • DISCORD10K – Discord Pin, Discord T-Shirt and also 2,000 coins
  • HALLOWEEN – 7 Halloween items
  • 100KUSERS – Ninja Mask, eReader, Top Trumps Exclusive, 100k Jacket and also 4,000 coins
  • WEDDING – 7 items
  • THANKYOU – 8 items (police and also scientist stuff)
  • BIRTHDAY – Happy Birthday Hat and also 5,000 coins
  • 50KUSERS – Blue Crosshatch Sweater, Island Lei, MP3000 and also 2,500 coins
  • SUSHISHOP – Sushi tray, Sushi master uniform, The sushi master and also 1,000 coins
  • 20KUSERS – Star Glasses, Target Background, Tie Dye Shirt, Lighthouse Pin and also 2,500 coins
  • EARLYACCESS – Puffle Whistle and also 5,000 coins

Redeeming New Club Penguin Codes

If you don’t know how to redeem coupons for exciting new items, what’s the point? Follow these steps to acquire all the free stuff:

  • Launch the game and go to the server selection screen
  • Click Unlock Items Online in the top right corner
  • Click I’ve Got A Code, and enter your code to receive your rewards

That completes our collection of New Club Penguin codes, including live and expired codes you may use to reap every benefit. Free in-game goodies!

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