Neverwinter Classes Tier List 2023: Best Classes

Neverwinter Classes Tier List: Neverwinter is probably one of the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games ever made. It has been the most important MMORPG for almost a decade.

Neverwinter is a very popular game that was made by Cryptic Studios and put out by Perfect World Entertainment. Its world is very beautiful, and players have a lot of freedom in how they want to play.

The main thing that gives this player freedom in Neverwinter is, of course, the way classes work there.

Top 5 Best Classes: Neverwinter Classes Tier List

Each of the five available classes has its own set of benefits and rewards. A class’s strength in the current meta lies in its damage output and adaptability.



By 2023 standards, the Rogue is by far the best class in Neverwinter. With the Rogue’s stealth attacks, invisibility, and very high damage output, you can get a huge advantage in all kinds of game modes.

With the help of a high-level Cleric, a Rogue can kill thousands of enemies on their own. The best thing about Rogues is that they have the coolest-looking gear of any class, which makes players want to try the class even more.

They recently nerfed the Rogue class so that you can’t sneak up on bosses and attack them. This doesn’t change much, though, because you still have the upper hand depending on how you use your invisibility.


Fighters are brave warriors who put themselves in harm’s way to protect their allies. The fighter blocks terrible blows with his sword and shield and fights back with a vengeance. Fighters can choose to specialize in either tanking with the Vanguard paragon or dealing damage with the Dreadnought paragon when they reach level 11. The fighter can do a lot of damage, but it’s not the best at protecting itself. But he is an easy class for new players to play.

Neverwinter Classes Tier List


As the finest healers in the game, Clerics are religious fanatics who will pray to their gods for help in battle. However, that is pretty much all a Cleric can do in Neverwinter. While the ability to heal is incredibly helpful in raids and dungeons, playing as a healer may be incredibly dull. The Cleric may not be the most powerful or versatile class in Neverwinter, but they will always come in handy on long, arduous travels.

Neverwinter Classes Tier List


The barbarian is a tough fighter who uses big weapons. Barbarians come from many different wild places, but on the battlefield, they all channel their inner beast to become roaring storms. Once a barbarian reaches level 11, they can choose to specialize in either dealing damage as the Blademaster paragon or tanking as the Sentinel paragon. With help from friends, the barbarian can do well in dungeons. But as a tank, the barbarian isn’t very good at keeping the enemies’ attention. As a DPS role, it does good damage to both a single target and a large area. But it’s not as good as the other classes.


Since the Bard can’t deal any damage, they’re at the bottom of the list. In no way am I denying that, even in the year 2023, the Bard class retains its share of compelling justifications for play. If you’re playing with others, the Bard is a great choice because of the party buffs it can provide through its songs and because of how quickly it can move from person to person applying those buffs.

However, this class does very little damage and offers no healing at all. Its healing rating is about even with the Wizard, which is to say, significantly lower than the best healers in the game.

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