Love and Deepspace codes (May 2024)

Love and Deepspace is an Otome game with RPG battle mechanics that blends romance with RPG battles. Players will meet several love interests to spend time with, then bring along one to fight enemies in its set universe. Their strength depends on character cards obtained via gacha system which determine power. Furthermore, these acquired cards allow players to unlock special moments with in-game characters enhancing battle experience as well as creating special memories within them.

Love and Deepspace codes
Love and Deepspace codes (May 2024)

Love and Deepspace codes (Working)

These free redemption codes can be used to gain special rewards. At the time of writing, these coupon codes were still active but may soon expire; so be quick and use one or more of these amazing promos now to reap amazing benefits! The following Love and Deepspace free redeem codes may help you secure stunning benefits like Empyrean Wish Diamond or other goodies.

TIEDUP3 Bottle of Wishes (N), 10,000 Gold, 30 Stamina
100000FOLLOW50 Diamonds, 50,000 Gold, 50 Stamina
LnDxLuca5 Bottle of Wishes (SR), 20,000 Gold, 50 Stamina
LnDxFulgur5 Bottle of Wishes (SR), 20,000 Gold, 50 Stamina
3DLOVE1 Empyrean Wish, 100 Diamonds
LnDxUki5 Bottles of Wishes (SR), 20,000 Gold, 50 Stamina
LnDxIke5 Bottles of Wishes (SR), 20,000 Gold, 50 Stamina
love20241 Speedup Cube, 1 Silver Magnet
DEEPSPACE202450 Diamonds, 50,000 Gold, 50 Stamina

How do I redeem codes in Love and Deepspace?

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Launch Love and Deepspace into space.
  • If you haven’t done so already, log in, create your character, and complete Chapter 1’s tutorial and gameplay; only then will subsequent steps work properly.
  • Navigate directly to the game’s main menu in the cafe.
  • Select your profile information in the top left corner of your screen.

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How Can We get more Love and Deepspace codes?

Stay informed with more codes by following them on Facebook – they’ll post all the latest game news, updates and codes there too! Also make sure to come back here often as we are always adding freebies here too!

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