Lords Mobile Redeem Codes Latest Update July 2024

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes is an engaging mobile strategy game which gives players a chance to build empires, form alliances & vanquish foes easily. While Lords Mobile offers various means for exploring its worlds further, redeem codes may cause some consternation – this blog seeks to shed some light & provide useful knowledge regarding them in Lords Mobile..

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes 2024

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes (Working):

CodeItems Included
FATHERDAY2024 (Valid until July 11, 2024)provides 200 Artifact Coins, 2,000 Energy, Speed Up (3h), Speed Up Research (3h), Relocator, and War Prep Chest x3.
PlayLM4PCSpeed Up Training (60 m) x10
Speed Up Training (30 m) x10
Emote Stamp x2
LM2024Snow Queen *10
Gold Boost (25%) *10
Ore Boost (25%) *10
Timber Boost (25%) *10
Stone Boost (25%) *10
Food Boost (25%) *10
Speed Up Training (10 m) *10
Speed Up Research (10 m) *10
1,000 Energy *10
25% Player EXP Boost *1
LM001Incinerator *10
Braveheart *1
100 VIP Points *3
Speed Up (10 m) *10
Speed Up Research (10 m) *10
150,000 Food *10
50,000 Stones *10
50,000 Ore *10
50,000 Timber *10
50,000 Gold *10
Lords Mobile Redeem Codes (Working)

Lords Mobile Redeem Codes(Expired):

CodeValid TillItems Included
HAPPY2024January 30
LETITSNOWDecember 31– 1 Artifact Coin x200- 2,000 Energy x1 Speed Up (3 h) x1 Speed Up Research (3 h) x1 Relocator x War Prep Chest x3
LMSHREK2023December 31– Same items as LETITSNOW
THXLORDS2023December 31– Same items as LETITSNOW
SPOOKY2023November 15– Same items as LETITSNOW
LMACW2023November 12– 3k Linked Gems
GUILDMATESNovember 1– 3k Linked Gems
VIETNAM777– Video code
BARRY777– Video code
LM2023HTTYD– Same items as LMEID2023
IGG17TH– 600x Artifact Coins
LM7YEARS– Same items as LM2023EASTER
LMINLOVE2023– Same items as LM2023EASTER
LM2022– Rewards: Gold Boost x10 Ore Boost x10 Timber Boost x10 Stone Boost x10 Food Boost x10 Speed Up Training x10 Speed Up Research x10 1,000 Energy x10 25% Player EXP Boost x1 Trickster x10
GUILD2022– Rewards: Artifact Coin x200
– 2,000 Energy
– Speed Up Research (60 m) x5
– Random Relocator
– 500,000 Food
– 150,000 Stones
– 150,000 Timber
– 150,000 Ore
– 50,000 Gold
ADVENTURELOG– Rewards: Relocator x1
– 50,000 Gold
– 150,000 Ore
-150,000 Timber
– 150,000 Stones
– 500,000 Food
– Speed Up Research 3h x5
– Speed Up Training 3h x5
– Speed Up 3h x1
– Material Chest x1
– 2,000 Energy x1
– 100 VIP Points x5
2022LORDSPARTY– Same items as LM2023EASTER
CHRISTMAS2022– Same items as LM2023EASTER
HALLOWEEN2022– Same items as LM2023EASTER
LMSMILEY– Same items as LM2023EASTER
MOONFIESTA– Same items as LM2023EASTER
HOMECOMING2022– Same items as LM2023EASTER
FATHERDAY2022– Same items as LM2023EASTER
IGG16YEARS– Same items as LM2023EASTER
MOTHERDAY2022– Same items as LM2023EASTER
2022ARTIFACT– Same items as LM2023EASTER
EASTER2022– Same items as LM2023EASTER
2022WINTEROLYMPICS– Same items as LM2023EASTER
ROYALCOINS– 4000 Royal Coins
XAES9HNM– Rewards: 24hours speed up, 2000 gems
ZX9EACM5– Rewards: 24hours speed up

What Are Lords Mobile Redeem Codes:

Lords Mobile developers offer redeem codes which could earn players rewards such as gems, gold & lumber as resources; equipment; speed-up tokens to speed up various processes within the game; as well as speed up tokens that would speed up various processes within it.

Key Points to Consider:

  • Limited availability: Redeem codes are typically temporary & released during special events, promotions, or milestones.
  • Official channels: Codes are primarily distributed through official sources like the Lords Mobile social media pages (Facebook), https://discord.com/ server, or in-game announcements.

How to Redeem Codes:

How to Redeem Codes
  • Access the in-game settings menu: Click Here
  • Locate the “Redemption Center” or similar option (usually under “Events” or “Gift“).
  • Enter the received code in the designated field.
  • Confirm the redemption.

Why Might Your Codes Not Be Working?

  • Expirated codes: Like most codes, certain ones come with an expiration period that renders them nonfunctional over time & obsolete as soon as they reach this threshold.
  • Erroneously Entered Codes: Before inputting any codes, ensure they have been entered correctly – this includes capitalization or special characters like capitals.
  • Misinformation: Websites or sources offering multiple codes could provide incorrect or falsified data.

Legitimate Redeem Codes:

While not a guaranteed source, here are some ways to stay informed about potential code releases:

  • Follow Lords Mobile on social media: Keep an eye on their official pages (Facebook, https://discord.com/) for announcements or giveaways.
  • Join the in-game community: Participate in guild chats or forums where players might share information about active codes.

Important Reminders:

  • Be wary of websites or sources offering an endless supply of codes; such promises often prove disillusioning & should be treated with extreme care.
  • Avoid using third-party tools or methods to generate codes as this would breach the game’s Terms of Service & put your account at risk.

Methods Other Than Codes for In-game Growth:

Lords Mobile offers ample opportunity for steady advancement: redemption codes may occasionally unlock bonus items while its core gameplay provides various means for quick advancement:

  • Participate Regularly: Becoming actively engaged with missions, events & guild activities offers many rewards from taking part.
  • Strategic Resource Management: Apply effective techniques of resource management in order to strengthen your kingdom with gold, gems & lumber strategically in order to strengthen it further.
  • Upgrade Buildings & Troops: Make investments both in infrastructure & troops to strengthen your military force & create something formidable.
  • Association Membership: Becoming part of an alliance offers many advantages: support, shared resources & an environment conducive to cooperation & cohesion.

Maximizing Your Lords Mobile Experience:

Focusing on effective gaming strategies & optimizing Lords Mobile: Kingdom Rise are keys to long-term success in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Rise.

  • Master game mechanics: Recognize troop formations, conduct advanced research projects, & devise effective battle strategies.
  • Before Beginning Upgrades/Developments: Before engaging in upgrades/developments, allocate resources efficiently & prioritize those upgrades that support overall goals.
  • Engage Your Alliance: Be involved with activities of the alliance, communicate effectively & work towards its success together.
  • Utilize community resources: Engaging with established players through forums or communities is an ideal way to share strategies with experienced gamers while staying informed on game updates.


Lords Mobile redemption codes provide an exhilarating boost, but engaging actively in strategic gameplay is the cornerstone of an enjoyable Lords Mobile experience. By prioritizing effective resource allocation & management as part of your game plans you can build an impressive kingdom while facing any of Lords Mobile’s challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the code LM001 in Lords Mobile?

LM001 – 10x Incinerator, 1x Braveheart, 3x 100 VIP Points, 10x 10 mins Speed Up, 10x 10 mins Speed Up Research, 10x 150,000 Food, 10x 50,000 Stones, 10x 50,000 Ore, 10x 50,000 Timber, 10x 50,000 Gold.

How to get free stuff in Lords Mobile?

PlayLM4PC – 10x 60 mins Speed Up Training, 10x 30 mins Speed Up Training, 2x Emote Stamp.

How do you get more gems in Lords Mobile?

1. Treasure Trove. 1.1 7 day deposit. 1.2 14-day deposit. 1.3 30-day deposit. 1.4 Number of levels to upgrade.
2. Colosseum.
3. Mystery Box.
4. Labryinth.
5. Monster Hunts.
6. Guild Gifts.
7. Darknest Transmute.
8. Solo event.

What is the Shrek code for Lords Mobile?

Players can avail the redemption code by going to Lords Mobile Exchange Center -> Type your in-game IGG ID -> Type the code “LMSHREK2023 “ & click on Claim.

What is code 66 event Lords Mobile?

Code 66 is a regularly occurring event where in addition to the regular hunting monsters, special monsters also spawn every 3 hours.

How to unlock elite labyrinth in Lords Mobile for free?

The Labyrinth is unlocked by completing Skirmish 8. Inside the Labyrinth the player will encounter Dark Monsters & occasionally Gemming Gremlins.

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