Animentals codes 2024 Gacha rolls May Update

Animentals codes is  among Roblox selection of anime-influenced games as one that gives users unparalleled power to shape their reality through compelling gameplay and character customization options. Users also amass powerful collections of heroes they can combine together into formidable titans for Animentals codes on Roblox.

Animentals codes
Animentals codes 2024 Gacha rolls May Update

What is Animentals?

Animentals is an exciting Roblox game that marries anime-inspired heroes with strategic battles. Players assemble teams of these iconic anime heroes and level them up through level-up battles; once time runs out in an elemental showdown battle they engage in exciting combat!

At its core Animentals game involves collecting heroes with “gacha rolls” cultivating them to become powerful titans before engaging them in fierce battles on an elemental battle arena.

Animentals Working Codes:

Animentals Working Codes
Animentals codes 2024 Gacha rolls May Update
Promo CodeReward
HIGHCOINFree rewards
UPDATE215 Spins
NEWYEARFree rewards
5KLIKESFree rewards
WINTERFree rewards
EZSPINSFree rewards

Animentals Expired Codes:

Promo CodeReward
ELEMENTIUUMx10 Elementium

What are Animentals Codes?

Animental codes are alphanumeric sequences offered by developers that enable players to redeem rewards within games – sometimes for valuable prizes like those listed here:

  • Free Rolls: These rolls function similarly to gacha mechanics, offering an opportunity to acquire new heroes.
  • Coins: In-game currency used to upgrade hero abilities and enhance their battle prowess.
  • Other exclusive rewards: Developers might occasionally introduce unique rewards like special items or bonuses through codes.

How to redeem codes in Animentals:

Redeeming codes in Animentals is a straightforward process:

How to redeem codes in Animentals
Animentals codes 2024 Gacha rolls May Update
  1. Launch Animentals on Roblox.
  2. Press the “M” key on your keyboard to access the main menu.
  3. Click on the Twitter bird icon. This opens the code redemption window.
  4. Carefully enter the code in the designated text box.
  5. Click the “Redeem” button to claim your rewards.

Important Note: Codes are often case-sensitive. Ensure you enter them precisely as provided.

How can you get more Animentals codes?

While developers occasionally release codes through the official Animentals social media channels (, there’s no guaranteed source for a steady stream of new codes. Here are some possibilities:

  • Following the game’s official channels: Keeping an eye on the game’s Twitter, Discord server, or Roblox group page might yield new codes when announced.
  • Consulting gaming websites and communities: Reputable gaming websites or forums dedicated to Roblox games often compile and share available codes. However, be cautious of unreliable sources that might promote misleading or inactive codes.

Why are my Animentals codes not working?

Why are my Animentals codes not working
Animentals codes 2024 Gacha rolls May Update

There are a couple of reasons why your Animentals code might not work:

  • Expired Code: Codes often have a limited validity period. Expired codes won’t grant any rewards.
  • Incorrect Code: Double-check for typos or errors when entering the code. Ensure it matches the official announcement exactly.
  • Already Redeemed Code: Each code can only be used once per account.

How to get more Animentals rewards without codes?

While codes offer a delightful bonus, several alternative methods can help you acquire in-game rewards:

  • Completing Daily and Weekly Quests: The game offers daily and weekly challenges that reward players with valuable resources like coins and hero upgrade materials.
  • Participating in Events: Animentals frequently hosts in-game events with unique rewards like exclusive heroes or bonus items. Stay updated on ongoing events through the game’s official channels.
  • Leveling Up: As you progress through the game and level up, you’ll naturally unlock new rewards and enhance your overall gameplay experience.


Animentals codes offer you an incredible way of unlocking extra resources and improve your gameplay, but it is vital that only reliable sources to be prioritized above untrustworthy ones when handling these potential sources. Remember: consistent effort through quests, events and strategic play is what leads to long-term success in Animentals.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you get Elementium Animentals?

They can be obtained through rewards from dungeons, Roulette, events, chest, etc.

What are some codes for Kaizen Roblox?

All Kaizen codes list
FOURSPINS—Redeem for 4 Clan Spins (New)
SUB_TO_GRIFON_GAMES_2—Redeem for Clan Spins and Module (New)
BLACKFLASH_DELAY_WHOOPS—Redeem for Clan Spins and Module (New)
CHRISTMAS2023—Redeem for 10 Clan Spins.
BUG_FIX—Redeem for 25 Clan Spins and 2x EXP for 3 hours.

Where can I smelt Elementium?

Blackwing Lair.

Where can I farm Elementium ore?

Twilight Highlands the best zone for farming Elementium Ore.

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