How To Get Dragon Soul Bat le marche yakuza 7

le marche yakuza 7: Like a Dragon released six months ago, many fans still do not know where to find the Dragon Soul Bat within the game – if that applies to you then don’t look any further as we provide an easy step-by-step guide on doing just that!

About Dragon Soul Bat le marche yakuza 7

The Dragon Soul Bat is an advanced blunt weapon with superior attack stats that surpass those of Ichiban’s Hero’s Bat – providing significant damage upgrades over its midgame predecessor – in terms of damage upgrade potential and aesthetic design resembling one worthy of collecting!

How To Get Dragon Soul Bat le marche yakuza 7

If you want to expand your arsenal, two paths exist to assist with that — Sotenbory Battle Arena and Le Marche Shop.

  • The Battle Arena
  • Le Marche Shop

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The Battle Arena

Yakuza: Like a Dragon offers two methods for you to obtain the Dragon Soul Bat: by defeating all 30 levels in Sotenbori’s battle arena or reaching its conclusion for other methods to do it faster. While the former method may take more time and energy to accomplish, reaching completion allows quicker acquisition.

Le Marche Shop

With this method, it is possible to access as many Dragon Soul Bat as desired in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. In order to do this, head towards Le Marche Shop located in Kamurocho and collect one.

Unawares will find this shop ideal: Everything they want can be found here from Dragon Soul Bats to clothing with dragon designs, including authentic clothing from Yakuza.

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Optimizing the Dragon Soul Bat

Once acquired, the Dragon Soul Bat makes for an effective weapon throughout most of the game, yet players can further extend its potential by taking advantage of the upgrade system in-game. By collecting materials dropped by enemies or found during exploration and upgrading it with materials obtained through these sources, your Dragon Soul Bat’s attack power and additional stats may be significantly increased as part of this upgrade cycle.


You too can wield the powerful symbolism of Dragon Soul Bat as part of Ichiban’s path and claim your power! Take control in Arena battles or amass riches in Kamurocho with it at your side – or use it wisely along its route!

As discussed herein, this guide covers everything you need to know on how to obtain a Dragon Soul Bat in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

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