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League of Legends Braum Emote: A Comprehensive Guide

League of Legends Braum Emote: League of Legends Braum Emote: Braum is one of the most beloved characters in League of Legends, beloved for his hearty laugh, protective nature and iconic mustache – no surprise then that his emote is one of the most sought-after within the game!

The Braum Emote is an easy and effective way to communicate with teammates and opponents alike. Use it at game start up, celebrating a victory or simply to show your love of Braum!

Braum emotes have earned themselves an unfavorable reputation, often being used irreverently or maliciously; such as taunting opponents after kills or spamming it after errors have been committed.

No matter its purpose, the Braum emote can add some flair and excitement to your League of Legends experience.

League of Legends Braum Emote

How to get the Braum emote

There are various methods for obtaining the Braum emote in League of Legends. One option is purchasing it directly from the in-game store; its current cost is 450 RP.

An alternative means of acquiring the Braum emote is through capsules. Over the years, several such capsules have made this option available – Worlds Capsule and Prime Gaming Capsule being two popular choices.

Finally, it may also be possible to score the Braum emote for free through participating in certain events or promotions – for instance it was provided to all attendees of the 2023 World Championship for free!

How to use the Braum emote

To use the Braum emote, simply press the Y key on your keyboard. This will open up an emote wheel where you can select it; alternatively you may click on its icon in the lower-left corner to activate it.

Once the Emote Wheel is open, simply click or tap on Braum Emote to use it. Your champion will perform its animation for all to witness! Your teammates and opponents alike can view this act.

How to claim League of Legends Braum Emote

In order to unlock the BraumW emote, an active Amazon Prime membership and Riot Games account is necessary.

  • Take the Prime Gaming website and sign in using your Amazon Prime account.
  • Simply click on the banner that says, “League of Legends”.
  • Claim Now” button for BraumW emote.
  • Your Riot Games account will be asked for sign-in.
  • Once signed in, your emote will automatically be added to League of Legends inventory.

Tips for using the Braum emote

Here are a few tips for using the Braum emote effectively:

  • Be sure to use an emote when greeting your teammates at the beginning of a game – it shows them you are happy and eager to work together!
  • Use the Braum Emote to commemorate victory. After winning a teamfight or taking an objective, use it to show your joy and congratulate your teammates on a job well done!
  • Use this emote to show your admiration of Braum. He is an incredible champion, so there’s no shame in showing how much of an admirer you are of him!

However, it’s important to use the Braum emote in moderation. Spamming the emote can be annoying to your teammates and opponents, and it can also make you look like a sore loser or a bad sport.


The Braum Emote is an indispensable addition to any League of Legends player’s arsenal, showing your passion and creating some fun among teammates at once. Simple but versatile gesture can be utilized across different situations while showing your allegiance for specific champions while creating some friendly competition between teammates.

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